The Best Things to do in Phi Phi: Complete Guide To A Paradise Island!

I had to write a blog post on the top things to do in Phi Phi because it is one the most awesome islands in Thailand. Some people give Ko Phi Phi don island a s**t name. But they are completely wrong about this epic Thai island.

You can see things like the amazing beaches on Phi Phi, the Phi Phi viewpoints and stay at some amazing hotels on Phi Phi. There are plenty of day trips like sightseeing around Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Pileh Bay and Viking Cave. Or you could enjoy the Phi Phi island nightlife or Phi Phi tour. Whether it’s 1 or 2 nights on Phi Phi island or a Phi Phi don tour, it is no doubt you will have an amazing time on this epic island that is easy to get to from Phuket.

The Thai island is the best and sweetest place for your holidays or backpacking. You can discover what to do in Phi Phi during your stay there. This island is perfect for beaches, snorkelling, epic accommodation, the viewpoints and more.

The epic Maya Bay and Viking cave are just some of the amazing places to see in the Phi Phi islands, Thailand. How to get to from Krabi or Phuket to Phi PhiDon’t worry I will cover that in the post. Also, where to stay on Phi Phi on your visit!

Koh Phi Phi Don is the most popular islands for visitors to spend their holidays in Thailand. The main attraction towards the island is the beautiful and stunning beaches, resorts, the nightlife of the islands make the attraction for the tourists to come here to stay and have a party. There is plenty of things to do at night on Phi Phi island.

If you’re staying in Phuket, then you need to visit the awesome elephant jungle sanctuary Phuket on your visit.

No doubt the places on the island-like resorts, hotels, and restaurants are expensive but people love to visit and spend their luxuries holidays here. Every year hundreds and thousands of people visit in every season to enjoy the natural beauty and scenery in Phi Phi.

How to get to the Ko Phi Phi island in Thailand?

If you are looking to travel to the Phi Phi island, you will be happy to know that it is pretty. From Krabi and Phuket to Phi Phi it is only around 40+ kilometres.

Best way to get to Phi Phi Island?

Your 2 ways of getting to the island are the ferries and speedboats. We used the ferry it’s a nice boat ride and a good chance to meet other travellers along the way. The ferry took around 80 minutes, but the time so goes and there are drinks and food available on-board.

See the ferry from Krabi to Phi Phi for more details

The main departure/arrival port in Phuket is Rassada Pier, located in Phuket Town. Here you can get the ferry. Make sure to get a seat on the open-top cruise.

How long to spend on Phi Phi island?

Most people only spend 1 or 2 nights on Phi Phi in Thailand. To be fair 2 or 3 nights is fine to complete a Phi Phi itinerary. There is plenty of Phi Phi activities and lots to see.

Phi Phi island is also a chill-out place and you can just relax on one of the many great beaches for a full day.

It all depends on what you want from the island. If you are a backpacker that’s there for partying, you may want a little longer on the island so you can recover from your heavy drinking session ?

You can check out the best places to stay on Phi Phi here!

When to visit Phi Phi and weather in Phi Phi

The weather in Phi Phi is more or less the same as weather Phuket or Krabi, but let’s bring down what months to visit and check the Phi Phi weather;

Check out the weather below.

Top things to do in Phi Phi

Here is the list of everything you need to know to have a good time in Phi Phi;

1# The Phi Phi Maya Bay Beach

Kho Phi Phi is second largest island associated with the Phi Phi; this island has one famous beach in Maya Bay. This place is famous among the tourist because of white sands and pleasant weather for diving and swimming. The famous film the beach made the Maya bay beach a top place to visit for backpackers in Thailand.

You can visit the island in the Thailand peak seasons from November to April and can enjoy the crystal water and amazing white sand. It’s an attractive place for the visitors who came there around the world and capture the natural landscape of the island. You will get some amazing photos of Maya bay. You can also do the private boat tour to see the Maya bay beach and limestone.

Is Maya Bay closed? Yes, Maya Bay is still closed due to visitors ruining it with trash! It’s a more picturesque sight now from 100-metres away on the Koh Phi Phi tour.

I have heard of the Maya Bay sleep aboard tour which is a popular option if you’re travelling from Krabi or Phuket.

#2 Phi Phi Lee’s Bamboo Island

Bamboo island is one of the amazing islands to see. It is located in the northeast which is approximately 5 km from the Kho Phi Phi Don. It is an ideal place for the visitors which are around 600m wide and 700m long, it has white sand and the surroundings covered with the bamboo trees, that why the place got the name of Bamboo Island.

You have the opportunity to explore the seashore, minibars, and speedboat and can enjoy the day and overnight trips to the island through speedboats.

The best way to visit Bamboo island Phi Phi is by boat tour. If you visit the bamboo island from Phuket, you can a speedboat from there. A lot of visitors who are not staying on the island, choose to do the Phuket to Bamboo island tour.

Book Ticket: Bamboo island

#3 Enjoy Diving in Phi Phi

Sea diving in Phi Phi is one of the best things on the Phi Phi itinerary for the tourists and visitors, here you can have the special and professional diving courses as well including discoverer scuba diving and divemaster courses. In the island, you can visit and try the specific diving sites areas like Shark Point, Anemone Reef, and the king cruise. The diving has some of the sweetest dive locations in Thailand.

Best time to dive in Koh Phi Phi?

There are 2 seasons for the diving:

Diving the King Cruiser Wreck

The King Cruiser wreck was a tourist ferry but on the 4th of May in 1997. However, the ferry sank during one of its many routine trips.

It is known that for 17 years the King cruiser wreck was the only wreck dive in the Phuket area. This was until March 2014 when the Kled Kaew was sunken in the proximity of Phi Phi making another great wreck dive.

Now you can do the amazing dive experience and visit the stunning Anemone Reef. What is known today as the King Cruiser Wreck of Thailand.

#4 Shark site tours  

You can explore and do the shark watching tours from Kho Phi Phi Don; the trips usually start early and go ended till the midday. The tours are a plan in a small group which is facilitated with the full snorkelling equipment and a professional guide.

Mostly the groups visited the shark points which are small and around 800m long beach. You will know much more information and exciting experience through these unforgettable shark sites visits. This is a cool thing to do in Phi Phi and if you have time I would check it out.

There are a few companies that do the Phi Phi shark tours for you to check out.

#5 Moo Dee Bay

Moo Dee Bay has a 500m long beach with the clear water and white sand which is located in the east coast of the Kho of the island, it is a quiet place and people who love to spend time away from the crowd visit there for the quality and peaceful time. It’s easy to be at the beach through the long tail boat tour and you can enjoy the drinks, seafood as well as have an opportunity for snorkelling here.

Are you on a family holiday to Thailand?

There is shallow water at Moo Dee Bay, this is perfect for playing with the children in the water.

When is the best time to visit Moo Dee Bay?

The sunrise at Moo Dee Bay is amazing. The sunrises in Thailand are epic! And this is one perfect example of them. Remember to take your camera to the Moo Dee Bay sunrise! After the sunrise, you can grab a beer or cocktail at the bar on Moo Dee Bay.

#6 Rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of the fun Phi Phi points of interest; southern Thailand is the famous location for the rock climbing because of the tall limestone cliff. Krabi province of Mecca offers the world-class sites for the rock climbing just like Tonsai Beach and Diamond cave in Railay. Phi Phi Don Island is 42km from the Krabi coast but it has the opportunities for the beginners and professional climbers to experience the best climbing experience on their visit to Thailand.

One of the coolest places I have done rock climbing was Railay beach. The views here are amazing. You can the ferry from Ao Nang to Railay beach if you want to check out this amazing Thai beach.

#7 Viking Cave

Viking cave is one of the beautiful and attractive sites to visit in Kho Phi Phi Lee, which is located in the northeastern side of the island and below a tall limestone cliff. You can take a long tail boat from the Tonsai Bay, which takes 30mins to be at the Viking Cave.

We visit the Phi Phi Viking cave whilst doing our boat tour around Phi Phi. We made our way to it on the boat and then took some photos and left. You can’t enter the Koh Phi Phi Viking cave.

Viking cave is near Maya Bay and Pi Leh lagoon, so you will get to see all these places on your boat tour.

How to get to the Koh Phi Phi Viking cave in Thailand?

The best way to get to the Viking cave from Phi Phi is to take a private boat tour. The boat captain will take you where you want. You should check this cool place out.

You can visit the Viking cave from Phuket or Krabi as well if you want to take a boat tour from there.

#8 Snorkelling in Hat Yao

Snorkelling at Hat Yao during the visit and stay at the Kho Phi Phi is the most exciting and memorable activity of the tourists and visitors there. You can enjoy the thrilling and exciting day there with the clear water and the warm weather, these give you chance to explore and memorize from the marine creatures. Black tripped sharks are most spotted in this area.

Koh Phi Phi is one of the best places in Thailand I have done snorkelling. But you should do the private boat tour in Phi Phi for the best snorkelling. Our captain took us to some spots where it was just us snorkelling in Phi Phi. Awesome!

Have you been Koh Tao on your travels? Check out the best snorkelling beach on Koh Tao if you are heading to this other top island in Thailand.

#9 Mosquito Island

Mosquito Island is famous because of the most exciting, interesting and beautiful diving destinations are available on this island. But do not forget to take your bug spray with you while going for a visit to Mosquito Island because here you find bugs and mosquitoes and they can bother you. Aside with this most famous king cruise wreck is situated on this island, you can enjoy the hours of diving at the top diving spot on the island.

This another place to visit if you are doing a boat tour. You can ask your captain to take you from Phi Phi to mosquito island and he will take you there.

Another popular choice is a boat tour from Krabi to mosquito island.

#10 Bida islands

The Bida islands are located in Phi Phi and consist of the number of Small Island, you can have a fantastic experience while visiting there. These islands have several popular spots, beautiful small dive sites and shallow water which gives an excellent experience of diving here to the tourists and the professional divers as well.

If you want to do some epic Phi Phi diving, you need to check out the Bida islands.

Where are the Bida islands?

The Koh Bida Nok can be found at the southernmost island in the Phi Phi group. Many tourists to Phi Phi and Phuket choose to dive here.

#11 A long-tailed Phi Phi boat tour (Maya Bay, Pi Leh Lagoon and more)

While staying on Phi Phi, you should do the Phi Phi private boat tour. Like your tour on the long-tailed boat have different stops like Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island, Monkey Bay, Maya Bay, and Tonsai village. Here at bonsai village, you can visit shops for shopping, for food, get swimming and snorkelling as well. On your boat, you can also see and experience the beautiful and mesmerising view of the sunset and rays hitting the surface of the water which gives a beautiful sea sight.

This was one of the best tours I did in Thailand. We got to see all the best islands and snorkelling areas around the Koh Phi Phi islands. We had a private boat hire for our Phi Phi tour. He picked 4 of us up from Phi Phi and then the adventure began.

You will get food and drink included in your boat tour and your boat captain will be very friendly.

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How long does a Phi Phi boat tour last?

Ours lasted for around 3/4 hours. He took us to all the best destinations around the islands of Phi Phi. And after all the amazing snorkelling on Phi Phi and seeing things like the amazing Maya Bay. 4 hours is plenty. You can also be dropped off at any of the beaches on Phi Phi if your boat can access them.

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Check out the best Phi Phi island speedboat tours here.

#12 Phi Phi Thai cooking class

If you want to learn some species and techniques to cook tasty Thai food at your home after your holidays, then you can join the Thai cooking classes as well. All this is the opportunity to explore and learn about the techniques and ingredients to cook Thai cuisines. One of the Phi Phi Thai cooking schools is located in a central tonsai village where you can get the 30minutes quick lessons to use the vegetables, herbs, and sauces in your Thai cuisine. It’s the best part of your visit to the Phi Phi; you can earn the memories and know the food techniques with your visit to Thailand.

If you are visiting Thailand, you have got to do a Thai cooking class. It is one of the things you will do that will always come up I conversation. You can also impress your family and friends back home with your Thai cooking skills.

#13 Night swimming

In Phi Phi islands you can not only find the best resorts for the stay, as well as explore the white sand beaches and perfect water temperature for the night swimming as well. It’s amazing and mesmerising to have the stars in the sky and the lights reflect on the surface of the water and you’re floating, at that moment you will feel the best experience of your life.

If you have seen the film on the beach. There is a scene in that when Leonardo Di Caprio swims out in Maya Bay at night. Relive this scene and swim out at night under the stars.

Be careful and don’t go out night swimming in Phi Phi if you have been drinking!

#14 Meet new people

In Phi Phi Island every year hundreds and thousands of visitors and tourists came for the visit and the holidays. It’s the best and adventures time to meet and communicate with people from different regions around the world. You can enjoy the Phi Phi nightlife, day and night visits to islands; explore the natural beauty and landscapes of sceneries.

The is plenty of bars on Phi Phi and they’re never short of a party if you’re looking to go out drinking on Ko Phi Phi Don. The Ibiza house on Phi Phi is one of the popular clubs among backpackers on Phi Phi.

You can enjoy a wicked party here if that’s what you’re after.

#15 The amazing Phi Phi viewpoints

There are a few epic Phi Phi viewpoints. The most famous one takes about a 30-minute hike to the Phi Phi viewpoint. It can get hot and sweaty but it’s worth it. Also, you will be glad to know. There is a cafe at the top of the Phi Phi viewpoint.

There are a few viewpoints on Phi Phi to hike to. The best one is Phi Phi viewpoint 2.

How to get to the Phi Phi viewpoint?

We walked from near the central ferry pier to the viewpoint. It took us around 35/40 minutes to reach the top of the viewpoint. Also, viewpoint 1 and 2 are next to each other, so you can see both of them on the same hike to the viewpoint.

How much is it for the viewpoints?

You will have to pay (50 BAHT) entrance fee to the viewpoints. Cheap for the views. If you looking what to do in Phi Phi? This should be on your checklist.

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16. Try the awesome Phi Phi island beach hopping

Phi Phi has some of the best beaches in Thailand, they’re amazing. Some of the more difficult to get too but they are all worth a visit. During peak season, the beaches on Phi Phi can get busy with tourists. But, you will always find your own space to chill out with a beer. Anyway, here is some the top beaches on Phi Phi.

17. Monkey beach Kayaking on Phi Phi

Are you looking for a top activity on Phi Phi?

Then you need to try out the kayaking on Phi Phi. This is a sweet way to have your little adventure around the island. Also, the kayaking is cheap and you will be able to rent one for (400 BHT).

Best place to go on the Kayak?

A popular option is to kayak over to the awesome monkey beach. This is one of the top places to visit in Phi Phi and you can kayak there in just under 1 hour. Just remember to take your water with you and a waterproof camera as you will be able to take some brilliant photos.

The monkey beach is never too busy and you will get time alone with the monkeys to take some epic selfies.

YouTube video of what to do in Phi Phi;

Where to stay on?

If you are looking for a luxury place to stay on the Phi Phi island. You’re in look, there some amazing hotels on Phi Phi.

One of the best places to stay in the amazing  is one of the best places to stay. The grounds here are picturesque, the ocean view is amazing and the service here is the best of the best. You will feel like a king or queen at this amazing accommodation. You will truly be looked after and feel special during your time here. There are plenty of places to stay on this top Thai island, but hands down the village beach resort are one of the best and most popular.

The Bay View Resort is a sweet honeymoon place to stay on Phi Phi. The friendly staff here really go the extra mile to be sure you are having peace and pleasure. This top hotel on Phi Phi has a great view, clean rooms, hot water and amazing staff. If you are looking for a top place to stay, you will be happy with booking a room at the Bay View Resort.

Another top hotel on Phi Phi is U-rip. the rooms here are big, clean and modern with a complimentary minibar and a large balcony with seating to enjoy a glass of brandy whilst the sun goes down. The hotel even offers a type of infinity pool that looks out into the ocean, pretty cool if you ask me.

There is also a good atmosphere at this accommodation on Phi Phi. Everyone has a smile on their face and the U-Rip hotel staff are very friendly and are more than happy to help. There are also shops nearby and some of Phi Phi’s best coffee shops. In addition, I would say this hotel on Phi Phi is perfect for backpackers, honeymooners and family holidays.

Check Availability: U-Rip 

You could also check out the You should check out my where to stay Phi Phi for some of the best hotels!

Where to eat in Phi Phi?

There is plenty of places to eat on Ko Phi Phi. But here is some of my favourite on this amazing Thai island;

Phi Phi itinerary Conclusion

Ko Phi Phi island is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. I will admit I was a little sceptical about visiting this island, due to the bad blog posts I had read about how scruffy and run down it is. But they couldn’t have been further away from the truth.

Phi Phi is a place of paradise, yes people go to a party on Phi Phi. But wherever you go in Asia there will always be a place for parting.

Please visit and check out the best things to do in Phi Phi.

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