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5 Maine Coon cats up for adoption in S’pore after owner passes away – Mothership.SG – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

Pets are great companions who can keep loneliness at bay, which explains their popularity, particularly during a pandemic when human interaction is restricted.

Due to the shorter lifespans of pets such as dogs and cats, owners are often the ones who have to endure the grief of losing their furry friends when the dreaded time comes.

However, there are also many pet owners, especially those who live alone, who often worry about leaving their beloved pets behind in the event of any tragedy.

A regular customer of local pet store SGPetShop, who owned five purebred Maine Coon cats, was no exception.

Concerned cat owner

According to SGPetShop, the concerned cat owner who was not named had learned of his medical condition in 2020.

He was looking to ensure that his beloved cats would be well taken care of after his passing and had shared his predicament with SGPetShop.

As imported purebred, long-haired cat breeds are prized for their luxurious and beautiful coats, the owner was unable to trust any potential adopters from resisting the temptation to breed his beloved cats.

He was against the idea of anyone using his cats for breeding purposes.

Despite receiving many offers from people who volunteered to adopt his cats, the owner had allegedly chosen to entrust the five female Maine Coon cats aged between 1 to 3 years old to SGPetShop instead of friends and family.

Cats Photo by SGPetShop.

Facebook Photo by SGPetShop.

Felids Photo by SGPetShop.

How to adopt

An adoption fee of S$450 will be charged per cat.

Those who are interested in adopting any of the cats can contact Trap Neuter Release – TNR Project SG.

As part of the adoption screening process, potential adopters have to share details about themselves, their family, existing pets, etc.

Suitable potential adopters will be contacted for viewing of the cats and are expected to be aware of the care and cost involved in caring for a Maine Coon.

SGPetShop claims that the now-deceased owner had left them specific instructions regarding the rehoming of his cats.

The cats have been transferred to their care and are prepared for sterilisation, grooming, and veterinary examinations prior to being rehomed.

According to their website, SGPetShop is a pet supplies shop that actively supports their “own Trap, Neuter, and Release (Rehome)” programme and wish to “do more for community cat and dogs”.

In the Facebook post, SGPetShop also states that animal welfare is their priority.

The regular customer was aware of SGPetShop’s stance on cat welfare including sterilisation, the purchase of cats for breeding purposes, illegal breeders, pet abandonment, and street cats.

Netizens’ reactions

Published on Jan. 29, SGPetShop’s Facebook post has garnered 90 comments, 110 shares, and 183 reactions at the time of writing.

While some people expressed their hope for the cats to find good homes, others debate about whether the adoption fee is reasonable or too high.

“Up keeping of the cats till they are adopted need to be considered too, $450 is fine. Cats’ love are priceless, hope these beautiful babies find good homes.”

“I hope they find a good home. However, having worked and raised mainecoons, pure pedigree and non-standard, I find it hard to believe that these are pure bred unless there are papers that come with them. The term “adoption” fee is too high for that matter. Nevertheless they deserve a good home!”

“$450 is reasonable to cover the cost of the vaccination, sterilization, deworming, blood test & etc. Stop saying its expensive for adoption fee. Its to cover their initial medical fees. Hope the screening is done as stringent as possible. Only serious adopters & those who can afford should adopt them. We want the best for these babies. At least the former owner can be at peace knowing his babies have found a new proper & loving home. Not some byb.”

“I dont mind adopting as i too hv a maine coon n 2 dsh but adopting fee is too high.”

“Love to get a friend for my little hanna but the adoption fee is too high.”

SGPetShop broke down the components of the adoption fee in a comment:

“Our $450 adoption covers their sterilisation, grooming , vaccination, blood works and if one have really care for their pets before, you will know $450 is scratching the surface.

But it is also to ward off those who wants a pure breed or mixed breed for free ..

If they can’t cover the cost of the pre checks then definitely they can’t adopt these cats”

Maine Coon

As one of the most popular cat breeds in the world, the average cost of a Maine Coon kitten ranges from US$800 (S$1066.40) to more than US$2,000 (S$2,666).

Known as the largest domesticated cat breed in the world, Maine Coons can grow up to 14cm to 25cm in height and up to 97cm in length.

The weight of females ranges between 3.6 to 5.4kg, while males weigh between 5.9 to 8.2kg.

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