/7 Schools in China with the Best Online Chinese Programs • China Admissions

7 Schools in China with the Best Online Chinese Programs • China Admissions

So you’ve decided to learn Chinese, but how do you begin? You’re a busy professional with a full-time career and inserting language school in your hectic schedule is not a very realistic choice.

Online Chinese programs are a different approach to language study, but they are as effective as classroom-setting, or even more advantageous. Here are seven of the best online Chinese courses to learn Chinese fast!

7 Schools with the Best Online Chinese Programs 

1. Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU)

Beijing Language and Culture UniversityBLCU offers one of the most excellent online Chinese language programs in China. You can choose from either one-on-one or group classes.

Classes are taught in modular format, one module each week for 12 weeks. You can sign up for 12 weeks, 6 months, 1 year, or 2 years. Each module is half an HSK level, so after 8 part-time modules you will go from 0 to HSK 4.

Best features: 1 on 1 placement test, live online with the BLCU teacher, WeChat group discussion and question-answering under the guidance of BLCU teachers after class.

Price: RMB 1,350 for 12 weeks (Group Class), RMB 4,500 for 30 classes (One-on-one class).  Study Chinese at BLCU here.

Check out a sample class at BLCU:

2. Dalian Neusoft University of Information (DNUI)

ChinaThe Chinese Language Program at DNUI helps students to realize a rapid Chinese improvement from zero basis to HSK 4 level through 26 weeks of learning.

Classes are small-sized with live teaching, face to face communication with teachers, after-class video record, and free eLearning materials. DNUI also has CTCSOL certified teachers with 18 years of Chinese teaching experience to foreign students.

Best features: Free trial class available, one free cultural class experience per month, Chinese study partner will be recommended, 2 hours of tutoring per week.

Price: Starts at RMB 800. Study Chinese at DNUI here.

3. Tianjin International Chinese College (TICC)

TICC’s HSK Online Chinese Group Classes (HSK 1-6) is a tailor-designed training program which will help students study the test, and pass it efficiently.

The overall passing rate for HSK 4 and HSK 5 at TICC is 100% and 98%, respectively. They also have students pass HSK 6 in only 6 months.

Lead teachers are the teach live classes while mentor teachers provide 1-on-1 feedback to students.

Best features: Free speaking Chinese classes and free study challenge projects.

Price: Starts at RMB 499. Study Chinese at TICC here.

4. Chinese Language Institute (CLI)

CLI Online lessons are held to the same high standards as classes taught at the CLI Center in Guilin.

CLI offers a variety of study options for their online Chinese program, you can choose from: Comprehensive Chinese, Business Chinese, Spoken Chinese, and Chinese Culture and History. There are also study options for kids and teens.

Individualized lessons ensure that your language level, learning pace and style, and personal requests are all carefully assessed to tailor-make a Mandarin class that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Best features: Scheduling flexibility and one-on-one tutoring.

Price: Starts at 20 USD/hr (price is applicable if you book 1 to 29 hours, rate will go lower if more classes are booked). Study Chinese at CLI here.

5. Culture Yard Language School

Culture Yard offers one-on-one Mandarin lessons for all types of learners. With flexible scheduling, Culture Yard’s experienced teachers are all native Chinese speakers who will work with you to adapt your lessons to your language-learning needs.

At Culture Yard, you will learn Chinese that you can use in your every day life such as pinyin/pronunciation, making small talk, ordering food, shopping, and getting around.

Best features: Classes are naturally engaging and fast-paced, and you can work with your teacher to adjust the speed and content to how you would like to learn.

Price: Starts at RMB 150 per class. Study Chinese at Culture Yard here.

6. That’s Mandarin (TM)

‘s online Chinese program is taught by native, highly qualified Chinese teachers who deliver lessons via their in-house learning platform and app.

With TM’s personalized Chinese lessons, classes are naturally engaging and fast-paced, and you can work with your teacher to adjust the speed and content to how you would like to learn.

Best features: That’s Mandarin can arrange a free trial class for you so that you can experience TM’s methods directly.

Price: Starts at RMB 1600 4 weeks. Study at That’s Mandarin here.

7. Hutong School

Chinese Language InstituteHutong School offers a 10-week online Chinese language program tailored to your level. From beginner to advanced, the school offers courses for learners at every stage. Choose to learn in a group or on your own and enjoy tuition from the school’s certified native-speaking teachers.

Online group courses start at the beginning of every month while private courses can be reserved on-demand. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Best features: Learners can access free video and language exercise content. All online course enrollees will receive a 10% discount on any China-based program booking.

Price: The total fee for a 40 hour, 10-week course is 540 USD. Study at Hutong School here.

Take your Chinese Language skills to the next level by enrolling in any of these best for value online Chinese language programs!