/A 24-hour travel plan in Helsingborg – The Newbie Guide to Sweden

A 24-hour travel plan in Helsingborg – The Newbie Guide to Sweden

This travel plan in Helsingborg will map your travels around the city center and its neighbourhoods. When short on time, here are fresh discoveries filled with nature, heritage, and architecture of Helsingborg city. 

How to get around for this travel plan in Helsingborg

This entire 24-hour travel plan in Helsingborg can be done via city bus, electric scooter or by foot. 

Firstly, to use the Helsingborg bus, read information on Skanetrafiken website. Tickets are purchased through mobile app, or directly from ticket machines at stations. Also, you can flip your debit card on the ticket readers on the bus. However, this way will cost you a bit more than usual fare. 

Secondly, for e-scooter, there are two e-scooter companies operating in Helsingborg: Voi and Tier. You need download their mobile apps to use the service. 

Start your day with breakfast at city center

A great way to start your day in Helsingborg is to get up early and visit either Backhaus or Fahlmans in the city centre. Backhaus is in front of Helsingborg central station. Meanwhile, it is just a 5-minute walk from Backhaus to Fahlmans. Both are wonderful options for an energetic day. 

Backhaus Bageri & Café – Järnvägsgatan 13

Fahlmans – Stortorget 11

Unveil the nature’s beauty with Fredriksdal

Fredriksdal is an outdoor museum and botanical garden. It is just 15 minutes away from Helsingborg C by hoping on bus number 7 heading to Fredriksdalsskolan station. Fredriksdal is a perfect way for nature lovers and history enthusiasts. Here you can get acquainted with not only historical buildings and traditional architecture from different areas of Skane region but also native breeds of animals that are no longer exist in contemporary farming. The tranquil splendour of Fredriksdal is always worth a stroll for pleasant respite from the bustle of the city. 

Fredriksdals Museer och Trädgårdar – Gisela Trapps väg 1

Fuel up for lunch in Fredriksdal or somewhere near Stattena bus station 

Explore charming garden cafes in the relaxing scenery of Fredriksdal or head to Stattena bus station and enjoy delicious food nearby this area. Just a 10 minute walk from Fredriksdal to Stattena bus station, then looking for Campino Pizzeria or YaMMI – the sushi and ramen restaurant, you will find eateries that will satisfy your taste. 

Campino Pizzeria – Juelsgatan 4

YaMMI – Hjälmshultsgatan 19

Continue your travel plan with Tropikariet and/or Toy World 

Tropikariet and Toy World are in the same building, and both are just a very short walk from Stattena bus station. These two will delight both adults and kids. 

While Tropikariet is an indoor zoo of tropical rainforest and exotic animals and a must-visit for animal lovers, Toy World has a vast collection of toys, from vintage to modern. As you stroll through Tropikariet, there are tons of chances to make new friends with animals. They live in open enclosures resembling their natural habitat. The long list of amazing creatures includes lemurs from Madagascar, meerkats from Africa, the world’s smallest monkey from South America, and sharks from the Pacific Ocean. A visit to Toy World is wonderful for those feeling nostalgic for their childhood. 

Tropikariet & Toy World – Hävertgatan 21 

Back to Helsingborg city center for a late afternoon ice-cream 

It’s time for ice-cream, especially during the summer. Located on and near Kullagatan – the iconic shopping street of Helsingborg, which is roughly a 5 minute walk from Central station, 1959 Gelateria Homemade Italian Ice Cream and Bruket Glassbar would be 2 great options. These are both cozy small ice-cream shops with unique and artistic decoration.  

1959 Gelateria Homemade Italian Ice Cream – Kullagatan 36

Bruket Glassbar – Bruksgatan 7

Don’t miss out Helsingborg iconic landmarks for your trip  

The most famous landmark of Helsingborg, also a well-known symbol of the city is Kärnan. This place hence will let you get a bird’s eye view of the city, soak in green spaces, learn more about Helsingborg’s long history and find some perfect Instagrammable moments for your memorable trip.  

Moreover, a travel plan in Helsingborg will not be completed if you do not pay a visit to the city’s beautiful promenade. This route runs from Helsingborg C all the way out to beautiful Sofiero Castle.

For instance, you can start your walk from the Bernadotte Stairs and the Maritime Goddess, then head to the North Harbour (Norra Hamnen) and finally Gröningen. Above all, there are a wide range of dining and bar options for your dinner along this path.