/Antifa death threats convince conservative journalist Andy Ngo to flee the United States

Antifa death threats convince conservative journalist Andy Ngo to flee the United States

Conservative journalist
Andy Ngo has fled the United States amid a constant barrage of Antifa death threats.

What are the details?

In an interview with Sky News about his upcoming new book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy,” Ngo explained to his hosts that “for an number of months now there’s just been increasing threats of violence against me, promises by Antifa extremists to kill me.”

Ngo — who’s now in London — noted that “all those threats were reported to authorities, and even when I provided names of some of the suspects, nothing was done. So, it’s pained me a lot to temporarily [have] to leave the country and home that settled my parents, who came there as political refugees.”

Andy Ngo: Antifa has forced me to flee my home


What’s the background?

Ngo had been living in Portland, Oregon, which is arguably Antifa Central in the United States. And for several years he’s paid special attention to the activities of the violent left-wing group — and has even infiltrated Antifa to get first-hand information about their actions, tendencies, and core values.

Antifa militants — who claim they’re fascism fighters while wantonly practicing fascism at every turn — ganged up on and brutally beat Ngo in a June 2019 incident captured on video.

Content warning: Language:

Conservative writer Andy Ngo roughed up at Portland antifa/right wing protests


And while it would seem that Ngo has every incentive to ruin Antifa, he said in the wake of the U.S. Capitol riots that from his vantage point Antifa militants weren’t among the rioters inside the building.

“The people occupying the Capitol building do not look like Antifa people dressed in Trump gear or Trump costumes,” he told the Washington Examiner in an interview from England.

He added to the paper that he’s seen “no evidence that they are able to coordinate a mass infiltration on this scale before, so I’m really skeptical that they would have been able to do it here without any of that information leaking out.”

Anything else?

A little over a week ago, New York Times editorial board member Sarah Jeong — who was hired by the “paper of record” despite her history of relentless social media attacks against “dumbass f***ing white people.” — set her sights on Ngo, calling him “dangerous” and a “very real threat.”

Antifa also has been making a valiant effort to bully Portland’s famed Powell’s Books into not selling Ngo’s upcoming book — the store has already said it won’t stock it on shelves or promote it and will sell it only online. As you might guess, that’s not quite good enough for Antifa:


A crowd of #antifa have gathered outside @Powells bookstore… https://t.co/63xPZmhdyR

— Andy Ngô (@Andy Ngô)