/Biden Suspends Deportations From Today And Stops ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy – UNILAD

Biden Suspends Deportations From Today And Stops ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy – UNILAD

Biden Suspends Deportations From Today And Stops ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy

by : Tom Percival on : 21 Jan 2021 23:07
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President Biden has begun dismantling some of Trump’s most controversial policies, including his widely criticised immigration policy. 

One of Trump’s key campaign messages was that he would ‘build a wall’ and stop illegal Mexican immigration. While the wall was never built, Trump did instate a policy called ‘Remain In Mexico.’ The policy left those seeking asylum waiting in Mexico in unhygienic conditions.

Biden has now withdrawn this policy, which left many immigrants stuck in dangerous parts of Mexico, in the hopes of giving the Department of Homeland Security a chance to address the issues that come with the coronavirus pandemic. To further this endeavour, the president has also paused deportations.

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The topic of immigration is particularly important to the United States which was built by newcomers to the country.

Even before the inauguration of Biden, Dan Stein, president of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) discussed the topic and wanted to make sure that Americans were prioritised in the future.

We hope fervently that when it comes to dealing with immigration, the new administration will seek to find common-sense policies that not only serve to enhance the economic recovery from COVID, but provide lasting security and prosperity for the country.

President Biden must protect American jobs and not capitulate to special interests pushing radical policies that put Americans last.

The US has been criticised by many onlookers as children seeking asylum were kept in cages thanks to Obama and Trump’s administrations. With this in mind, the move by Biden may be seen as a new chapter for US immigration policy.

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Karen Tumlin, founder of the Justice Action Center, an organization that provides legal aid to immigrants praised the moves in a series of statements on Twitter:

It confirms the Biden-Harris commitment to restoring dignity to our asylum system. Here’s to the next, critical steps to remedy the inhumane impacts of this shameful program

While some will see the removal of Trump’s immigration policies, it is worth remembering that the change is only set to last one hundred days in an attempt to relieve government agencies during the pandemic. This would align with Biden’s top priority which is addressing the global pandemic.

Some will hope that Biden brings about lasting change when it comes to immigration policies. However, given the temporary nature of the move, as well as Joe Biden’s previous experience of being vice president of the US when some of the most controversial immigration policies were set in motion, this change is not guaranteed.

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