/Brownwood resident 20 days, 200-plus miles into hike from Canada to Mexico | Brownwood News

Brownwood resident 20 days, 200-plus miles into hike from Canada to Mexico | Brownwood News

Brownwood resident Christopher Gaston gave an update early Monday morning on Facebook regarding his 2,653-mile trek from Canada to Mexico along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Gaston posted, “I am alive. I have been on the trail 20 days now and have walked about 210 miles so far. Today was the first time I have had any cell service since I started.”

Gaston also provided a day-by-day progress report on his journey on his Facebook page, which is as follows:

Started on 6-29. Took 2.5 days to reach the northern terminus. First two full days went through heavy snow pack and had to use spikes and ice axe both days.

7-1 was 18 miles in 18 hours and 3800 feet elevation gain. Touched the border late that evening. Took 2 days to get back to Hart’s Pass.

7-4 went from hart’s pass to method creek. 7-5 made it to Rainey pass. Went through Cutthroat Pass that day. Lots of snowpack there.

7-6 only made it as far as 6-mile campsite. Stayed the night there.

7-7 rained about 3 hours in the morning. made it to high bridge and road shuttle into Stehekin. Stayed the night there and left on the 8 am bus the next morning.

7-8. Very tough day with mostly elevation gain all day. Got to a high camp around 8.

7-9 completely worn out from prior day elevation gains. Lots of snowpack today. Slowly making gains toward Suiattle Pass.

7-(10-12) zero days .

7-13 went from Suiattle Pass to Vista Creek.

7-14 made it to pre-mica lake camp site. Climbed about 4K feet went 13 hours.

7-15 made it Beakos creek campsite. Went through several 100 yards of snow fields. Made it over fire creek pass.

7-16 made it to Sally Anne lake. It was very pretty with lots of snow floating on the lake. 7-17 made it all the way to Janus Lake. Pretty lake with 1000000000 mosquitoes.

7-18 hiked to Steven’s Pass.

The following pictures were also posted by Gaston on his Facebook page, and more can be found there as well.

The original story of Gaston’s decision to trek the Pacific Crest Trail can be found here.