/Casketeers stars’ happy news: Baby number seven and it’s a girl! – NZ Herald

Casketeers stars’ happy news: Baby number seven and it’s a girl! – NZ Herald

After no fewer than six boys in the Tipene family, Francis and Kaiora of Casketeers TV series fame have a surprise announcement for baby number seven: a girl.

Taking to Instagram, the pair each shared a cute reel of their gender reveal with their sons popping a giant black balloon and pink paper confetti exploding out.

The couple’s six sons can be seen jumping and running around, delighted by the news that a little sister is on the way.

Meanwhile, Francis appears contemplative as he sits on the front porch watching his boys. Fans suggest he’s concerned about the amount of confetti blowing about and advise he gets out a leaf blower to clean it up.

Other followers have expressed their joy for Francis and Kaiora whose TV series showcases their work as passionate proprietors of Tipene Funerals where they discuss handling grief and tikanga – Māori customs and rituals.

“Just love watching & re-watching the sheer joy of your gorgeous boys over their sister. Congratulations, family. Complete [sic]”, wrote one.

“Oh no lol. feeling sorry for her future boyfriend,” commented another.

“… Imagine how protected she’ll be,” said another fan.

In September last year the Tipene whānau shared they had decided to take a break from their work as funeral directors and were said to be looking forward to spending more time with family.

“We have given all that we can to this industry and I like to believe we have portrayed our tangihanga, our people and how cultures around Aotearoa grieve and celebrate life differently.”

When Queen Elizabeth died last year in early September, Francis offered his services to the new monarch, King Charles.

Posting an open letter to Facebook he wrote:

“My wife, Kaiora and I are internationally renowned for the funeral services we provide through the show known as, The Casketeers. I wish to be part of Her Majesty’s final funeral procession on behalf of my Māori people and my country.”

A Letter From Francis to The King

September 12th, 2022

His Majesty, The King Charles III Buckingham Palace

Posted by

Sharing the news of his daughter’s pending arrival Francis wrote: “After six beautiful and handsome young sons Haimona, Nikora, Moronai, Mikae, Mihaka and baby Francis Jnr we have all been blessed with our little princess due in September.

“I will be honest the excitement is beyond me.”

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