/Dr. Robert Jeffress: Biden’s Mexico City policy hypocrisy

Dr. Robert Jeffress: Biden’s Mexico City policy hypocrisy

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The Biden administration has decided to abolish the ‘Mexico City Policy.’ The policy was first instituted by then-President Ronald Reagan, who declared that the U.S. government would no longer give funds for global aid to international organizations that promoted or performed abortions.

For decades, the policy has gone in and out of enforcement, swinging back and forth depending on who controls the White House. 

President Biden’s long record in politics is littered with support for half-measures and compromises on abortion. I’m not sure whether someone can really be “moderate” on abortion, but Biden tried for decades to occupy some kind of mushy middle ground on this issue.

That is until last year, of course. Planned Parenthood used their deep pockets and their outsized influence to keep the Democratic Party in lockstep with their agenda. Biden folded like a cheap suit. His campaign embraced an anything-goes, abortion-on-demand platform.

After all his talk about “unity” during the inauguration, people began to wonder how Biden might deal with this lightning-rod issue.

When asked about the new administration’s abortion policy before President Biden rescinded the Mexico City policy, press secretary Jen Psaki dodged the question and, instead, gave a lame excuse on the president’s behalf.

She said: “I will just take the opportunity to remind all of you that he is a devout Catholic and somebody who attends church regularly. He started his day attending church with his family this morning.”

Anyone with an ounce of discernment can see through that religious ruse. A person’s faith is between him and God. And that true for a plumber or a president.

But it’s also important to remember this.

The Christian gospel is not merely performative, it’s transformative. A Sunday-only religion is certainly something, but it’s not historic Christianity.

The real gospel of Jesus Christ transforms every area of our lives. There is no public-private distinction for a true Christian. 

You can’t live one way on Sunday and the opposite way during the rest of the week. You can’t confess that “Jesus loves the little children” while in church on Sunday and then sign a death warrant for the little children while in the Oval Office on Thursday.  

There is a word for what is going on. It’s called ‘hypocrisy.’

President Biden’s hypocrisy is so blatant and so egregious that even leaders in the Catholic Church won’t stand for it.

He has been denied communion in the past by the Catholic Church for his refusal to align himself with the church’s pro-life teaching.

Biden’s abortion policy is so brazenly contradictory to what the Catholic Church teaches that devout Catholics should be terrified.

But instead of backing down, President Biden has doubled down.

The Mexico City Policy rests solely in his hands. It stays or goes at his sole discretion. And he has once again cast his lot with the abortionists.

It is bad enough that these abortion factories perform their deadly work here on our shores. But President Biden has chosen to make our government the primary investor in an international franchise that exports death, as well. All in the righteous-sounding name of “global aid.”

May God have mercy on our country.