/ESTCOURT KZN: A prayer is answered for octogenarian | Northern Natal News

ESTCOURT KZN: A prayer is answered for octogenarian | Northern Natal News

As the years passed by, Jane Zaca started to experience severe pain in her feet and legs. The 83-year-old from Goodhome in Ntabamhlophe knew it was only a matter of time before she would lose part of her mobility.

Walking became painful and uncomfortable. After frequent trips to medical centres, Mrs Zaca was eventually given a pair of crutches in 2018 to help her walk. While the crutches have aided her with moving around her home and yard, visits to the hospital proved difficult.

Without much help at home, Mrs Zaca’s movement had become limited. As if a prayer was about to be answered, Estcourt resident Luigi Spano, who had a wheelchair to donate, spoke to Sister Aggy Mokoena from the Covid-19 Response Team, asking her to keep an eye out for someone who would benefit from the wheelchair.

“The wheelchair was used for a week by my mother before she passed away. Instead of selling it, I thought I would donate it,” explained Mr Spano

While Sister Mokoena was out doing Covid-19 screening in Ntabamhlophe, she came across Mrs Zaca.

“She lives practically alone and I could see she was really struggling to walk,” said Sister Mokoena.

After arranging the logistics, Mrs Zaca was brought to Estcourt on Friday, where her face lit up with joy when she saw her new ‘wheels’. Overcome with gratitude, she thanked Mr Spano and Sister Mokoena, before joking that she may not fit into it.

With a sigh of relief and a giggle, Mrs Zaca fitted snugly into the wheelchair and settled in.

“This wheelchair is going to help me a lot, especially when I need to go to the doctor or hospital. It will also help to get around the house and yard,” she said.

Upon seeing the joy on Mrs Zaca’s face, Mr Spano said: “I do believe that giving to others is a blessing that is worth more in value than anything money can buy. I am inspired by the words of John F Kennedy when he said ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’. Those are wise words for all to follow and work towards making a better country for us all.”

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