/Every American Should See This Interview with a KGB Defector – He Knew Exactly What the Left Would Do to America

Every American Should See This Interview with a KGB Defector – He Knew Exactly What the Left Would Do to America

A former Soviet citizen and claimed one-time KGB agent made some chilling predictions about a Marxist takeover of the U.S. which oddly sound, more than 30 years later, as if they are in reference to current events.

Fans of the Call of Duty video game franchise got to know a man named Yuri Bezmenov, who died in 1993, in 202 when he was heavily featured in the teaser trailer for last November’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

That trailer heavily quoted Bezmenov, who issued prophetic statements about what he said would come to pass in this country, all the way back in the mid-1980s. The quotes were stirring for some fans who wanted to turn on their gaming devices and wipe out global communism.

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The video game blog Kotaku actually attacked the trailer, writing that it “Recklessly promotes far-fight conspiracy theory,” but when you watch the full interview with the former KGB agent and defector, it’s not challenging to ascertain which source is more credible.

In the full interview, Bezmenov listed the four ways he said the Soviets intended to topple America from the inside: demoralization, destabilization, crisis and eventually normalization — where a society finally accepts communism. Here’s the thing Kotaku omitted: some of this stuff has happened or is in the process of happening.

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In discussing something a claimed Soviet plan for “ideological subversion,” Bezmenov claimed all those years ago that “the main emphasis of the KGB is not in the area of intelligence at all. According to my opinion and the opinion of many defectors of my caliber, only about fifteen percent of time, money and manpower is spent on espionage … The other eighty-five percent is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion or active measures, or psychological warfare.”

“What it basically means is, to change the perception of reality, of every American, to such an extent that despite an abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their family, their community and their country,” he said.

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“It’s a great brainwashing process which goes very slow and is divided into four basic stages.”

He added it “takes from fifteen to twenty years to demoralize a nation,” because “this is the minimum number of years required to educate on generation of students in the country of your enemy, exposed to the ideology of the enemy.

In other words, Marxism, Leninism ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged or contra-balanced by the basic values of Americanism, American patriotism.”

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“Publishers, editors, journalists, actors, educationalists, professors of political science, members of Parliament, representatives of business circles. Most of these people were divided roughly in two groups. Those who were told the Soviet foreign policy, they would be promoted to the positions of power through media and public opinion manipulation.” he added.

“Those who refuse the Soviet influence in their country would be character assassinated, or executed physically contra-revolution.”

In his dire prediction on “destabilization,” Bezmenov blamed “drop outs or half-baked intellectuals are now occupying the positions of power in the Government, civil service, business, mass media, educational system.”

“You are stuck with them. You cannot get rid of them. They are contaminated, They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information, even if you prove that white is white and black is black you still cannot change the basic perception and illogical behavior,” he added.

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“In other words, these people, the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible. To get rid society of these people you need another twenty or fifteen years to educate a new generation of patriotically-minded and commonsense people who would be acting in favor and in the interests of the United States society.”

The words are chilling, and sound an awful lot like where our country is today — especially when you look at the discourse and realize that so many people can no longer be reasoned with.

Bezmenov of course did not end his prophetic interview with warning about destabilizing a country. He warned of “crisis” after such a demoralized nation was destabilized.

“The next stage of course is Crisis. It may take only up to six weeks to bring a country to the verge of crisis,” he said.

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“When the Soviet tanks moved into Czechoslovakia in 1968, comrade [Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev] said, ‘Now the situation in brotherly Czechoslovakia is normalized.’ This is what will happen in the United States if you allow all the schmucks to bring the country to crisis, to promise people all kind of goodies and the paradise on Earth, to destabilize your economy, to eliminate the principle of free market competition and to put big brother government in Washington DC with benevolent dictators like [1984 Democratic presidential nominee Walter Mondale.]”

Obviously, Bezmenov was speaking then of current events, but so much of what he said feels as if it were designed for today. These events, whether predicted from first-hand knowledge, or simply from seeing similar events play out in other countries, are coming to pass.

Did anyone ever think the idea of civil liberties in the country would be so threatened in a matter of weeks, as they were last spring during the onset of the coronavirus pandemic? This is terrifying stuff.

Bezmenov predicted the final stage of affecting Marxist change in America would occur when it was finally accepted as normal. For so many Americans, that is becoming true. Simply look at who is elected in congress.

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Cancel culture ruins people in hours and is tolerated, the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter sits in corporate board rooms and the country’s cities are often inundated by antifa street militants, which the mainstream media won’t talk about.

President Joe Biden said last month, in so many words, he might permit us to celebrate Independence Day — if we behave. Is that American?

Whether Bezmenov was relying on experience and knowledge about so-called ideological subversion, or was simply speculating, is irrelevant.

His predictions are astoundingly accurate, if not prophetic, and are worth listening to, as this country is in a very dangerous place.

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Every second of the above interview is worth watching.

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