/Hong Huifang Once Accidentally Broke Someone’s Teeth While Clubbing In Thailand With Daughter Tay Ying – 8 DAYS

Hong Huifang Once Accidentally Broke Someone’s Teeth While Clubbing In Thailand With Daughter Tay Ying – 8 DAYS

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so this week’s episode of bite-sized Mediacorp series followed the adventures of Hong Huifang and her daughter Tay Ying as they learned a hip-hop dance routine together.

Those who follow Tay Ying on her socials would know that the 25-year-old is an avid dancer as she sometimes posts clips of herself showing off her moves, so the class would obviously be a piece of cake for her.

On the other hand, it was her 60-year-old mum’s first time taking on such a challenge — not that Huifang seemed even remotely daunted by the task ahead. 

The veteran actress even poked fun at herself, saying that she’s “clumsier and more comical”, making her funnier to look at.

But her self-roast was nothing compared to what she had to say about her husband Zheng Geping. When Tay Ying asked if they should bring him along for the next lesson, Huifang just scoffed, “Your dad would be terrible.”

Oops, poor Geping

Apparently, this wasn’t mother and daughter’s first time dancing together ‘cos believe it or not, they’ve actually gone clubbing in Thailand.

In fact, Huifang — who is now officially a cool mum in our eyes — confessed that she was “so high” while happily waving her arms in the air that she accidentally hit and broke her poor nephew’s two front teeth. Ouch.

“So her dancing actually poses a risk to those around her,” Tay Ying chuckled.

Wow, Huifang must’ve been going HARD on that dancefloor
Hope her poor nephew was okay

While taking a break in the middle of dance class, Huifang was asked to name a local male celeb she thinks would make a suitable son-in-law.

After quipping that the most suitable man is “already by [her] side” (referring to Geping, of course), Huifang said that all the local male celebs are “tall, handsome, and outstanding”, so as long as they’re “fated to be” with Tay Ying, she’s okay with anybody.

She did add a small disclaimer, though: “When it comes to seeking a partner, they must be motivated and have a direction in life. If they have no direction in life and are just content to go with the flow, then life will be tough for them if they get together.”

As for Tay Ying, she admitted that she’s “more traditional”, and that as long as her parents approve of someone, she’ll be fine with him. “If they suddenly told me one day that they don’t approve of my partner, then I will break up with him,” she declared.

She is truly daddy’s (and mummy’s) little girl

At the end of the vid, Tay Ying presented Huifang with a little Mother’s Day gift and a touching message: “Your cooking is great, your acting is great, your delivery of lines is great, you are just amazing. And I think that after working so hard for 40 years, you should rest.”

Huifang quickly brushed aside the idea of retiring, saying that she might “develop dementia”. “I will cut down on work, but I cannot stop completely. I like shooting things like this with you every once in a while!”

Hey, maybe when clubs reopen, we can get Huifang to go and show us her killer (and we mean that almost literally) dance moves.

While maintaining a safe distance from her at all times, of course

Watch Hong Huifang and Tay Ying’s full episode of #JustSwipeLah.

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