/How COVID-19 Vaccines Are Shaping Consumer Behavior, Travel Trends | Online Sales Guide Tips

How COVID-19 Vaccines Are Shaping Consumer Behavior, Travel Trends | Online Sales Guide Tips

Although COVID-19 cases have dropped in many states, life isn’t back to normal yet.

This has not stopped people from traveling, however. Many are itching to get away, especially as vaccinations become available to more of the population.

Now the question is: How is the COVID-19 vaccine impacting travel trends and overall interest in travel?

And how can travel brands meet this evolving need?

Travel trends on the rise

Brands have the opportunity to embrace the various travel trends of the moment, so they can position themselves for success as traveling increases. Here are a few trends to consider.

1. There’s a Pent-Up Demand for Travel

After a year of spending most of their time cooped up at home, it should come as no surprise that many people are itching to travel.

In fact, research from the Travel Technology Association revealed that 82% of American families have already made travel plans for 2021. Seventy-six percent of consumers said they are likely to travel once the have received the vaccine, as it is making people feel safer about venturing out.

2. Many Countries Are Implementing Vaccine Passports

In an effort to prevent a surge of COVID-19 cases, many countries are requiring vaccine passports in order to gain access to their country. The state of New York has even launched a COVID-19 digital vaccination passport.

Having proof of vaccination will allow consumers to attend concerts and sports games at venues like Madison Square Garden.

3. Pandemic Insurance Provides Added Protection

Being diagnosed with COVID-19 during a trip can be pretty scary. Luckily, pandemic insurance is one of the travel trends that many will want to consider.

For example, Emirates, the Dubai-based airline, will cover medical expenses of up to $183,000 and quarantine costs of $122 per day for 14 days, if a  passenger is diagnosed during their travels.

4. Staycations Have Become a Popular Choice

Jet-setting to the other side of the globe is nice, but staycations can be just as fun. Many travelers feel safer having a local getaway.

According to Travel Tech, 87% of respondents plan to drive to their vacation destination this year, as opposed to flying. That means people are likely traveling shorter distances and staying closer to home for their getaways.

Tips Travel Brands Should Keep in Mind

With more people getting vaccinated, it’s likely the travel industry will see a surge of consumers as many are feeling confident about exploring the world. However, there are a number of things you can do as a travel brand to ensure your consumers feel safe.

Prioritize Winning Back Consumer Confidence: Consumers will not be inclined to travel if they are feeling uneasy about their safety. Put their minds at ease by implementing health and safety measures to reduce their stress and anxiety.

Beef Up Your Presence in Search:62% of travelers plan to use an online travel agency or metasearch platform to search and book travel, according to Travel Tech. By ensuring you rank high in search results, you will stand a better chance of securing new travelers.

Start a Newsletter to Provide Updates: A subscription-based newsletter is a great way to offer travel and booking insights, as well as promotional offerings. You can also learn about your consumers so you can later target them with additional resources based on their interests and needs.

Establish Your Social Media Presence: Social media can help your travel brand gain more exposure to potential customers. Leverage influencers or travel bloggers/vloggers by having them promote their experience when traveling with you.

Highlight Destinations With Your Content: With a data-driven content calendar, you can base your content on the destinations and experiences travelers can expect when they book with you. Feature things like nightlife, beaches, parks, food, and drinks to get them excited about traveling.

By implementing these tips, you will be able to keep consumers happy and get your brand in front of potential travelers who are itching to head out for a weekend getaway.

Although we are still in uncertain times, brands need to keep travel trends in mind and ensure they are doing what they can to keep consumers safe. ‘

When consumers feel confident traveling with you, your business stands a much better chance of seeing success after what a challenging year it has been.