/Impatient Mercedes driver scratches own car to squeeze past truck & driver at IKEA Tampines – Mothership.SG – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

Impatient Mercedes driver scratches own car to squeeze past truck & driver at IKEA Tampines – Mothership.SG – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

A Mercedes driver, seeming to be in a great rush, steered their car into the sharp edge of a delivery truck in the carpark outside IKEA Tampines.

In the process, a man who was unloading the truck nearly got pinned between the two vehicles.

However, he managed to dodge the Mercedes as it went past, thanks to his quick reflexes.

Footage of the incident was captured on CCTV, and uploaded to Facebook on Jan. 26.

Ignored hand gesture

The video begins with a stationary truck in the IKEA Tampines loading bay.

The dark-coloured Mercedes, as well as another white car, appear to be blocked by the truck.

While the white car slows down, and stops some distance away, the Mercedes driver steers right, likely trying to get past the truck by going behind it.

This was in spite of a man who was standing at the rear of the truck, who put up his hand, signalling for the Mercedes to stop and wait.

The Mercedes comes closer to the truck and stops briefly.

A Mercedes driver GIF via Muhammad Hisyam on Facebook.

Narrow escape

The driver, having apparently gauged the space needed to navigate, then moves forward while steering to the left.

Asia GIF via Muhammad Hisyam on Facebook.

The man at the truck executes a limbo-like turn and bend, barely dodging the rear view mirror and keeping himself from getting pinned between the two vehicles.

Having executed the move rather smoothly, he stares at the Mercedes in apparent disbelief over what just happened.

It is unclear whether the driver intended to put the man in a literal tight spot, or whether the close call was due to sheer bad judgment.

Making contact

Then the driver, possibly misjudging the large turning radius required by the continental car, steers further left before it is safe to do so, causing the car to come into contact with the truck’s rear corner.

continental car GIF via Muhammad Hisyam on Facebook.

The Mercedes continues to move forward, however, pushing the truck slightly forward and causing a scratch on the car’s left side.

The Mercedes then drives off, while the man gestures incredulously.

Why was the truck parked there?

The lorry was likely obstructing the flow of traffic, given that the white car remained stationary throughout the clip.

However, a comment on the Facebook by user Nur Shilah, who identified herself as the wife of the man in the video, says that the lorry driver did not “anyhow park”.

She explains that he was simply trying to close the lorry’s door before moving off, and that if the Mercedes driver had waited a few seconds, the entire incident could have been avoided.

driver Screenshot via post by Muhammad Hisyam on Facebook.

She also wrote that a police report has been filed, and added in a later comment saying that her husband was looking to claim compensation for the damage caused to the lorry.

Top image via Muhammad Hisyam on Facebook

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