/Ireland has the most ALIEN VISITS in Europe making it a UFO HOTSPOT

Ireland has the most ALIEN VISITS in Europe making it a UFO HOTSPOT

Ireland has the most alien visits and UFO sightings in all of Europe, making it a UFO hotspot.

Online spiritual platform Pyschic World has compiled UFO data that reveals Ireland tops the list for UFO sightings in Europe, beating neighbouring countries such as France and Spain.

Extra-terrestrials seem to enjoy a trip to the Emerald Isle as much as most people do. Overall, there have been 105 UFO sightings in Ireland, with each visit lasting an average of 13 minutes.

Most of the UFO sightings have been described by witnesses as ‘unexplainable bright lights’.

After unidentified flying discs, unexplained bright red or blue lights are the second most common type of UFO sighting in Europe.

A UFO hotspot – extra-terrestrials are keen tourists of Ireland

After Ireland, France comes in second place as a top destination for aliens with a total of 71 sightings. However, trips to France didn’t last as long, with the stays averaging only six minutes long.

In third place is Spain with 70 sightings that lasted on average 12 minutes. UFO sightings in Spain have been mostly described as diamond-shaped UFOs.

Although it doesn’t make the top three in the number of sightings, the prestigious Principality of Monaco has the longest sightings that average around 45-minutes.

On the other side of the scale, San Marino has the least with no official sightings and Georgia the second-least, with only two brief extra-terrestrial encounters of unexplained fireballs in the sky that lasted only 15 seconds.

Extra-terrestrial European holidays – visits to the continent

Europe has had 994 UFO sightings overall with an average visit time of 12 minutes.

Experts from Psychic World analysed data from the National UFO Reporting Centre State Report Index to develop these numbers. Recorded information included the location of sightings, the duration, and the descriptions given to come up with an average for each country.

Throughout 2020, UFO sightings in Northern Ireland also increased to a total of six reports with one man even reporting to the PSNI that he was delivered to Bangor in County Down by extra-terrestrials.

However, the PSNI stated that no investigations were undertaken in relation to these sightings.

The editor of Astronomy Ireland Magazine, David Moore, linked the increased reports of UFO sightings across Northern Ireland to an increase in stargazing throughout 2020.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, he stated, “About 90% of all reports end up having a straightforward explanation.

“It’s the few that don’t that are really intriguing. But the guy claiming to be dropped off at Bangor Marina, that’s very difficult to explain.

“We often wonder if this is people imagining things, perhaps more of a psychological effect than astronomical.

“But in a population of millions of people, you are going to have a few unusual incidents.”

So, if you’re on the search for aliens, the UFO hotspot Ireland might the place to be.