/Jordan Peterson Slams Kamala Harris’ Claim America Is United

Jordan Peterson Slams Kamala Harris’ Claim America Is United


It’s funny how America always seems to be “united” when a Democrat administration is sworn in. When it’s a Republican president or even a Republican Congress, “America has never been more divided.” Now that the orange man is gone and the totally-in-control-of-his-faculties Joe Biden is in charge, America is great again. We’re all rainbows and kittens and kumbaya up in here. It’s all one of the oldest cliches in politics. So of course, Kamala Harris tweeted about America “united” as if she was having some profound thought.

Jordan Peterson was not amused.

No, you’re not. And cliches won’t make it so. But maybe you could be again. And you have four years to get it right.
— Dr Jordan B Peterson (@jordanbpeterson) January 20, 2021

They’re not off to a good start.

More than half of the country did not vote for Joe Biden. No, that’s not a wink or a nod at conspiracy theorists. I’m including the Americans who didn’t vote because they’re still American citizens. If anything, they show just how united America ISN’T, because a huge group didn’t feel either of the two candidates represented them. People in this country have fundamental disagreements on every issue that matters. Both on what the issue is and how to rectify it. I’m fairly certain it’s been this way since George Washington’s first Cabinet meeting.

Could it change? I guess. As Peterson says, the ball is in Biden/Harris’ court. Let’s see if they do the work to reach out to pro-lifers, Second Amendment advocates, freelancers who don’t want to be forced into a union, people concerned about our borders, people who have science-based questions about allowing biological men to compete against biological women, and people who want to reopen their businesses and be able to support their families.

I have my doubts. My gut tells me they’ll just guilt, shame, and other any American who disagrees with them. But I would love to be proved wrong.

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