/Leftist Professor Harasses Hotel After Seeing Fox News On a Gym TV

Leftist Professor Harasses Hotel After Seeing Fox News On a Gym TV

A lefty university professor threw a hissy fit that would make any toddler proud when he realized the hotel he was stay at was playing Fox News on a TV in their gym.

In a move that proves just how stupid people can be when they have too much time on their hands and no actual problems to worry about, Penn State professor Michael Mann, who heads up the university’s atmospheric sciences department, lost his mind on Twitter over the weekend after seeing Fox News on a TV in the fitness room at the Marriott Times Square hotel. According to Mann’s subsequent Twitter rant, he confronted a hotel worker about displaying a channel that “promotes anti-American, pro-Russian propaganda,” only to allegedly be told that the channels were preset by the hotel and couldn’t be changed.

Mann, who doesn’t exactly look like a guy who knows his way around a gym, then began to harass the hotel chain via social media, pulling the “I have more followers than you” card to get attention.

“Hi @MarriottBonvoy — Don’t want to pull rank, but I’ve got more followers than you,” Mann tweeted furiously. “And the tweet now has 3k+ likes, 130k+ impressions and 10k+ engagements. And a large number of folks have said they’re no longer staying at @Marriott full stop. A response would be appropriate.”

Indeed, a number of Mann’s followers were angrily tweeting in the comments, claiming that they would not be staying at any more Marriott locations until the chain could clarify why they allowed a news channel that leftists don’t like to run on one of the many optional-viewing TVs in their gym.  


Even sadder, Mann continued his temper tantrum for about a day, pestering Marriott – again, about a channel on one television that he couldn’t even hear without headphones – until the hotel finally responded.

Well, allegedly.

Mann eventually tweeted that the manager for the Times Square hotel finally reached out to him and informed him that the channels on the gym’s televisions could, in fact, be changed upon request.

“I am pleased to report that the manager of the hotel has gotten back to me and has informed me that this is NOT the policy of this (i.e. to have a single, namely Fox, news channel on the TVs in the fitness facility as was the case yesterday),” Mann tweeted triumphantly.

“I take him at his word, and I am pleased to hear this,” he added about his personal little victory. “So I do not hold this incident against either this Marriott hotel or the @Marriot chain, and neither should you.”

And thank God, because the fate of the world was looking pretty precarious for a second.