/M’sian woman apologises for lying, creating fake boyfriend to manipulate ‘best friend’ for 2 years – Mothership.SG – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

M’sian woman apologises for lying, creating fake boyfriend to manipulate ‘best friend’ for 2 years – Mothership.SG – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

A Malaysian woman had apparently concocted elaborate lies, complete with believable fictional characters, to mess with her close friend’s life for two years.

After discovering the truth, the victim, who goes by the name KY, publicly exposed the woman’s lies through many Instagram stories in December 2020.

The woman, who goes by the name Rachel, subsequently posted an apology.

Started in December 2018

According to the Instagram stories, it all began in December 2018, when Rachel and KY, met at an event.

They got along well and found out that they share the same birthday.

Thinking it was fate, they continued chatting via WeChat and soon became close friends.

In their conversations, Rachel would share her “tragic” childhood, explaining that her father was an abuser and her mother was insane.

These were all, as KY would later discover, not true.

But back then, KY believed what she was told, thus boosting Rachel’s confidence.

Rachel then took things to another level.

She began creating fictional characters — a godmother, godfather and a godbrother, Daniel.

She claimed she had been staying at her godparent’s house since she was young.

She also claimed that her godmother was a rich person.

Fake boyfriend

Intending to get even closer to KY, Rachel decided to matchmake her with “Daniel”.

In reality, of course, Daniel did not exist. It was all Rachel’s own doing.

In order to create the fictious “godbrother”, Rachel stole photos from an attractive man’s Instagram page and used them to set up Daniel’s WeChat and Instagram accounts.

She then introduced Daniel to KY in February 2019 via WeChat.

They started chatting frequently and KY soon fell for Daniel.

As Daniel was “living in Singapore “at that time, the couple got into a long distance relationship.

This meant that all forms of communication were done virtually, allowing Rachel to continue with her act without any difficulty.

Rachel had even used a voice-changing application to sing classical Chinese love songs to KY.

KY would sometimes give Daniel presents through Rachel. But Rachel either threw the gifts away or gave them to others.

Once, to celebrate Daniel’s “birthday”, KY decided to buy him 29 different gifts.

“I knew that there was no such person, but I went ahead with KY to buy the gifts,” said Rachel in her apology post on Instagram.

“Diagnosed with leukaemia”

Seeing that KY happy in her “relationship”, Rachel then decided to bring the mood down.

She fabricated a narrative where Daniel was diagnosed with leukemia.

Photo from kyannn/IG.

She found photos of medical reports, bedside shots, and more online — all taken from other people — to supplement her fabricated story.

Photo from kyannn/IG.

One time, Rachel fabricated an incident in which Daniel attempted suicide and was rushed to a hospital in Kuala Lumpur.

Pretending to be her “godmother”, Rachel went to an actual private hospital in person to take photos and videos and sent them to KY.

Rachel also sent KY her real-time location through Daniel’s WeChat account.

On KY’s birthday, Rachel masqueraded as Daniel and invited her out. She then cancelled on KY at the last minute.

“Whenever I saw that she was in good spirits, I would tell her that my godbrother’s leukaemia had worsened, leaving her feeling down again,” wrote Rachel.

According to KY, Rachel’s lies came to light after the latter, who is allegedly a serial liar, slipped up while juggling her many fake accounts.

Photo from kyannn/IG.

Photo from kyannn/IG.

KY also wrote that she blocked Daniel in August 2020 as he stopped replying to her texts.

That was also when Rachel (her real self) stopped talking to KY.

Publicly apologised to KY

After she was exposed, Rachel took to Instagram on Jan. 2 to make a public apology.

She admitted she had manipulated KY for two years.

She also said that she pretended to be Daniel to keep KY close to her.

She added:

“Today, I cannot forgive myself for causing her so much harm, especially when she used to trust me and treat me sincerely.

Once again, I want to say sorry to KY and her family. Sorry for the harm I caused to you.”

You can read her full post here:

Top images from rachelxchn/IG.

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