/Newshub Biased News No service to the Community

Newshub Biased News No service to the Community

Abortion Rights AotearoaMedia Release 27 April 2021

It is disappointing that Newshub which has high standards allows misinformation and slander to be presented as factual news. The article “Controversy over abortion clinic safe zones heats up as Bill heads towards second reading” fails to provide the community with information on this important issue concerning human rights.

The community have a right to ask why comment was sought from the lady from Arizona, Terry Bellamak, who is the national president of Abortion Rights Aotearoa. This organisation has a national membership of approximately 25 members. Right to Life challenges her opinions which are ill informed and slanderous, she clearly does not represent the views of New Zealand women.

Terry Bellamak told Newshub  ” Right now, people are not protected from harassment outside abortion clinics.”

This is totally untrue, the community should be aware that the Summary Offences Act provides protection against any person engaging in harassment or intimidation. There is absolutely no need for additional legislation to address a problem that does not exist except in the minds of Terry Bellamak and radical pro-abortionists who are determined to control and restrict our right to free speech, assembly and communication.

“People shouldn’t have to stand up to bullies in order to get healthcare. There’s no reason why people using reproductive health care should have to do that.”

This is slanderous and hate speech directed at peaceful and lawful men and women who motivated by love and compassion for women, who pray outside abortion clinics and are prepared to offer help to women who wish to choose life for their precious unborn child.

“Nobody knows the stories of the people walking in – not that anyone should judge anyone for healthcare decisions but it’s especially harmful and hurtful for people losing a wanted pregnancy to have people outside the clinic calling them a murderer.”

To accuse a person praying outside of an abortion clinic of calling women “murderer” is simply appalling. Women are the second victim of abortion. We would never ever call them murderer. This is a shocking and slanderous accusation to make and it is untrue. What evidence do you have, why was a complaint not made to the hospital authorities?

Newshub should act in accordance with the highest standards of the fourth estate as the protector of our Parliamentary democracy. They should inform our community that the Law Commission is opposed to this poorly drafted and unnecessary bill.

The Commission in October 2018 in its Ministerial briefing paper,  Alternative approaches to Abortion, on safe zones, advised the Minister; “At this time the Commission does not see a strong case for this.”…”The Commission sought input from health professional bodies, abortion service providers and health practitioners about safe access zones. The majority felt that safe access zones were not needed.”

Why is this information being withheld from the community?

Ken Orr,

Right to Life