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Prepare Yourself, Because Hallmark Have Made A Movie Set In Ireland | Balls.ie

This is the last thing anyone needs at the minute.

The film representation of Ireland has left A LOT to be desired most of the time. As a nation, we love nothing more than giving out about Irish accents in movies.

The think is usually taken to a whole other level when the film is actually based in Ireland. Far from a modern nation at the front of the European tech boom, every Hollywood director seems to think this country hasn’t changed since the 1950s. To be sure, to be sure.

Wild Mountain Thyme has all of that awfulness wrapped into one less than delightful package. Cinemas being closed in this country meant most people couldn’t actually see it, but we can’t imagine they would have been flocking to there in any great numbers.

Just as the wounds of that release have started to heal, we have now been hit with another bombshell.

Hallmark, the US network famed for their cringey movies, have just released a film based in Ireland. It is everything you would expect it to be.

As Luck Would Have It (no comment) tells the story of an American woman who comes to Ireland to buy land for a hotel resort, only to end up partaking in a matchmaking festival where she meets a local councillor/whiskey distiller. You can probably guess where this is going.

It features the Cliffs of Moher, chéiles, Irish stereotypes, and even a spot of hurling.


To be fair, unlike most American movies based in Ireland, this one does seem to have a largely Irish cast. Allen Leech is know for his roles in Downton Abbey and Bohemian Rhapsody, while the extras also seem to be Irish.

That doesn’t stop the cringe factor from being bumped up to ridiculous levels.

Some of the locations you may recognise in the movie include Glendalough, Howth Castle, and Johnnie Fox’s pub in Glencullen, south Dublin.

This behind the scenes look at the movie gives you a closer look at the hurling scene in the movie and those locations mentioned above.

As Luck Would Have It premiered in the USA last night and will make its way to Sony Movies in Ireland and the UK later this month.

We will probably give it a skip.