/Psaki nails reporter for asking if Biden cares too much what America wants

Psaki nails reporter for asking if Biden cares too much what America wants

We’re not even one year into President Biden’s first term yet and already he’s accomplished far more than his predecessor even attempted. The difference between the kleptocratic Trump and Biden could not be starker. The former used the presidency to enrich himself and stroke his own ego while the latter is aggressively pursuing the interests of the American People. Biden has already passed a historic $1.9 trillion relief belief and is now championing a massive infrastructure plan to rebuild this country from the ground up.

Biden’s recipe for success is simple: do what the American people want. The liberal policies he’s pursuing maintain broad popularity with voters despite the misinformation being pumped out by conservative networks on behalf of their super-rich puppeteers.

Today, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked if it’s “a little dangerous” for the administration “to always be citing the polls” when it comes to justifying their policies. The question was a peculiar one, as it seemed to imply that the White House should not be listening to what the American people want.

“Do you not think the American people’s view is important as it relates to what elected officials do on the hill?” responded Psaki.

“Sure but don’t polls change a lot? Whereas the elected officials are elected officials,” said the reporter.

“There has been pretty consistent support for infrastructure,” Psaki explained. “And I think it’s an important point, we feel like it’s an important point because when we talk about bipartisanship we’re talking about how we meet the needs of the American people. Republicans. Independents. Democrats. Rebuilding bridges is not a Democratic idea.”

“Ensuring kids have access to clean water is not a Democratic idea,” Psaki went on, driving the point home. “Broadband access probably actually impacts more rural areas that might be leaning more Republican than Democratic if you look at it, the maps across the country. So our point is this is addressing not a political issue. This is addressing a vital need in the country that impacts all of the American people.”

Once again we see that there is no better voice for the Biden White House than Jen Psaki. While she handles absurd questions, the president can continue to pursue policies that will improve the lives of everyday Americans — a welcome change after four years of Trump’s incompetency and corruption.

Question: Isn’t a little dangerous to always be citing the polls?
Psaki: Do you not think the American people’s view is important.. pic.twitter.com/RPOZlH3b5Q

— Acyn (@Acyn) April 9, 2021

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