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Remain calm, there’s enough seafood for everyone: Grace Fu – Mothership.SG – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

Even if you’re a pescatarian trying to ingest enough protein to grow muscles of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsonian proportions, there’s no need to worry about Singapore’s supply of seafood.

The country has contingency plans in place, and alternatives have been tapped on to ensure that our supplies of fish and seafood remain uninterrupted.

Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, visited the Fairprice Fresh Food Distribution Centre in Tagore Lane on July 18.

She spoke to the media, assuring the public that Singapore has switched to alternative supply routes following significant disruptions to the supply of seafood.

Disruptions caused by Covid-19 clusters

Following the sharp rise in Covid-19 cases, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on July 16 that Jurong Fishery Port will be temporarily closed to the public.

Jurong Fishery Port is one of two ports handling fish supplies into Singapore, about 30 per cent, The Straits Times reported.

It also handles supplies of fish that enter Singapore via land and air, as well as by sea.

In addition, the National Environment Agency (NEA) announced on July 18 that every NEA-managed or appointed seafood stall has been ordered to cease operations.

Stallholders are required by law to get tested for Covid-19, and can only resume operations when they have received a negative test.

Grace Fu: Enough seafood for everyone

Fu acknowledged the disruption to the fish and seafood supplies due to the clusters.

However, she said that Singapore has “very quickly” activated its alternatives since July 17, and the other fishery port, Senoko, remains operational.

Fu also said that major supermarket chains have increased their stocks to substitute for wet markets. She added:

“We don’t expect disruptions, we don’t expect our shops to run out of seafood. There will be enough. If Singaporeans can broaden their choices, I’m sure everybody can find the seafood they want to consume. So we ask everybody to remain calm, we have enough seafood for everyone.”

SFA: No need to panic buy

On July 18, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) also updated the public that although Jurong Fishery Port will be temporarily closed, Singapore’s major supermarket chains remain well-stocked.

SFA similarly urged customers not to panic buy seafood.

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