/Riot police dispersed across the Netherlands as violence and destruction run rampant

Riot police dispersed across the Netherlands as violence and destruction run rampant

In multiple cities across the Netherlands, riots tore through the streets for the third night in a row. Over 150 people were arrested and police continue to investigate camera images, not ruling out additional arrests.

The upheaval is linked to the opposition of the government’s decision to implement a curfew, which went into effect on Saturday evening. From Rotterdam to Den Bosch, crowds of people took to the streets in violent protest.


In Rotterdam, the police arrested more than 50 rioters following major disturbances on the Biejerlandselaan in Rotterdam South. The rioters damaged property, looted several shops, caused arson, and pelted police with stones and fireworks.

One officer was injured in the leg in the arrest of a suspect. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

Protesters set fire the police station in #Rotterdam #Netherlandsprotest #avondklok

Full Story: https://t.co/nljZwq7rER pic.twitter.com/SUAyCcu8oX

— Global News (@GlbBreakNews) January 25, 2021


Amsterdam police made nine arrests in the Oost (East) neighbourhood around Molukkenstraat. Rioters attempted to knock over a police van.

Welkom to my neighborhood ?.#Amsterdam #amsterdamoost #rellen #demonstratie #avondklokrellen pic.twitter.com/glU7rYcNQI

— zayna (@zaynadlc) January 25, 2021

The Hague

Riot police were deployed to calm the unrest in the Hague. Police were pelted with stones and fireworks.

De ME is kort ingezet op de #Hobbemastraat in #DenHaag omdat er met stenen en vuurwerk werd gegooid naar politie. We blijven aanwezig in de eenheid voor het handhaven van de #avondklok.

— Politie Eenheid Den Haag (@POL_DenHaag) January 25, 2021


Of the reported hundreds of people who had gathered, Limburg police made 17 arrests of rioters between the ages of 17 and 55 years old. One officer in Roermond was slightly injured during an arrest.

De politie in #Limburg heeft in de nacht van maandag op dinsdag 17 personen – van 17 tot 55 jaar – aangehouden in verband met het overtreden van de maatregelen. In #Roermond raakte een agent lichtgewond tijdens een aanhouding. pic.twitter.com/HTPp9h4bF3

— Politie Eenheid Limburg (@PolLimburg) January 26, 2021


The restless night in Haarlem involved car fires, fireworks, and stones being thrown at police. The police were not easily able to get the situation under control and had to deploy tear gas. Police made 14 arrests.

The mayor of Haarlem, Jos Wienen, says, “The violence against police officers is inadmissible. Violent offenders are being dealt with harshly. Due to firm action, it has become calm again.”

Den Bosch

Large groups of rioters set fire to cars, looted, and smashed windows in shops and homes. “We are fully committed to suppressing this unacceptable violence,” said the police.

By the end of the night, the police had closed all access roads to and from the city centre. City buses were no longer allowed to run and ProRail train traffic was halted to Den Bosch.

Den Bosch again

— Ben Coates (@bencoates1) January 26, 2021


In Zwolle, hundreds of young people ran through the streets and lit fireworks. Riot police were deployed, and an emergency order was issued.

Police Tweeted that three suspects were arrested and they would remain present to enforce the curfew. “Be sensible and stay home.”

Helmond, Breda, Almelo, Veenendaal, Tilburg

The rioting continued in other Dutch cities, with three arrests made in Breda, eight arrests in Almelo, and two arrests in Veenendaal. Police arrested an additional man in Tilburg because of threats, who was carrying an electric shock weapon.

In #Breda zijn vanavond 3 personen aangehouden wegens opruiing. We zijn niet alleen op straat zichtbaar aanwezig, maar surveilleren ook digitaal. Maakte jij je ook schuldig aan opruiing? Dan loop je niet alleen vanavond kans om aangehouden te worden, maar ook in de komende dagen.

— Politie Breda eo (@Politie_Breda) January 25, 2021

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