/Royal family of Luxembourg share adorable pictures of Prince Charles to mark his 1st birthday  | Daily Mail Online

Royal family of Luxembourg share adorable pictures of Prince Charles to mark his 1st birthday  | Daily Mail Online

The Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg have shared adorable pictures of Prince Charles to mark his first birthday. 

The son of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, 39, and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie, 37, who is second in line to the Luxembourg throne, was born at the height of the coronavirus pandemic on May 10 2020. 

On the occasion of his birthday yesterday, his parents delighted fans with adorable pictures of Charles eating cake and playing with a bunny in the garden on Instagram. 

Charles’ grandparents, Grand Duke Henri, 66, and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, 65, also shared pictures with the youngster to mark his birthday. 

The Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg celebrated Prince Charles’ first birthday yesterday with adorable pictures 

Doting parents Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, left and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie, right, laughed when their son, who was born on May 2020, tried to reach for his birthday cake 

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa also shared a lovely picture of her with her son’s baby. While the royal, wearing a hat and a white sweater, lounges on the grass, Charles can be seen playing with her Yorkshire Terrier

Two series of adorable snaps were uploaded to the official Grand Ducal Instagram account yesterday. 

The first series showed Charles at home sitting on his mother’s lap, blowing out his first ever candle on a small cake cut by his father. 

The baby, showing his adorable toothy smile, seemed fascinated by the candle, and the cheesecake topped with fresh raspberries.

Beaming parents Guillaume and Stephanie looked on as their little one tried to reach for his cake. 

Beaming father Guillaume introduced his son to a cute rabbit during a trip to the garden on his birthday

What a hoppy day! Charles gave the camera an adorable toothy grin while he got acquainted with his new best friend 

The Hereditary Grand Duchess, who was wearing a boat-neck navy blue sweater, had styled her hair styled in an elaborate bun, revealing drop earrings adorned with a petrol-coloured feather.

Doting dad Hereditary Duke Guillaume was in charge of cutting the cake, and was wearing a cosy blue sweater over a crisp white shirt.

After cake, it was presents time, and Prince Charles was captured crawling on the floor, smiling at the camera.  

He was also photographed opening his first birthday present from a pile of neatly wrapped packages. 

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie was all smiles and fed the rabbit with Prince Charles, left, before giving him a tender hug, right 

Time for presents! Prince Charles was photographed opening his first birthday present ever in a series of photographs 

After the indoor fun, Guillaume and Stephanie took the celebrations outdoors to make the most of the sunny afternoon. 

For his trip to the garden, Prince Charles was wrapped up in a white, navy and gold thick woolen sweater. 

A surprised guest made an appearance when Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume brought a red haired bunny to pet. 

Prince Charles seemed to be fascinated by the small animal and quickly befriended him. 

After the pair were acquainted, Stephanie and Guillaume took a step back while Prince Charles beamed next to the bunny, petting it occasionally. 

Hereditary Grand Duke was in charges of cutting the cake, and baby Charles made sure he got the best slice 

The adorable baby paid a lot of attention to the way his father had cut the cake, making sure everything was up to code 

After cake, it was time to play on the floor, and Charles showed his two front teeth in an adorable smile 

The playful royal was [hotographed crawling on the floor before he opened his birthday presents 

The young prince gave his best smile to the camera as he frolicked among his parents’ garden’s daffodils. 

Charles grandparents Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Teresa, who weren’t there in person, also shared some personal snap to mark Charles’ big day. 

The couple shared a picture which was taken on an earlier visit, with Charles perched on the lap of Maria Teresa. 

In another snap, a very relaxed Maria Teresa wearing a hat and a white sweater over a dress lounges on a towel in the garden on a sunny day while Charles, who is sat next to her in the grass, looks very absorbed by her pet Yorkshire Terrier. 

Prince Charles was born on May 10 2020, at the Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity Hospital.

In the garden, it was a busy day of playing with the bunny, left and posing for the camera like a pro, right 

Playful Charles, who was wearing a white, navy and gold sweater, tried to hid behind some flowers

The adorable baby was dressed in a thick sweater, a pair of baby jeans and some sneakers of this afternoon out 

Discussing the birth, Prince Guillaume said at the time it was ‘probably the most incredible day that we will have in our life’, adding: ‘To be able to greet the child that comes into one’s life is the most magical thing, parenting, a couple can have.’

Photographs were then shared as the newborn met his grandparents the Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa over a video call.

In a statement, the Luxembourg royals said they were ‘delighted to announce the birth’ of their son on Sunday. 

It read: ‘The Hereditary couple is delighted to announce the birth of their son this Sunday, May 10, 2020 at 5:13 a.m. at the Maternity Grande-Duchesse Charlotte in Luxembourg. 

After he was introduced to the bunnt, Prince Charles quietly bonded with the animal, who was standing on his leg 

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa also shared a picture with Charles on his big day 

‘The baby will bear the first names of Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume. The child weighs 3.190 kg and is 50 cm tall.’

Shortly afterwards, Prince Guillaume spoke with the media about the birth from outside the hospital, with the new father bubbling with excitement over the news.

He said that the couple were ‘delighted’ to be ‘living and sharing’ the experience with Luxembourg, particularly because of the challenges of the current coronavirus pandemic.

He explained: ‘We are delighted to [have this experience] at a time ‘that is difficult for families that have been separated but in the next weeks will see each other again. 

‘A birth is a message of hope, it’s a blessing. This is what we are so happy to share with Luxembourg and all the different countries.’