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S’pore woman refuses to let aircon repairmen leave, accuses them of damaging her aircon unit – Mothership.SG – News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

An air conditioner repair firm, Air Con Uncle, has taken to Facebook to call out the antics of a customer.

The customer apparently accused the company of damaging her aircon unit, and even refused to let the firm’s repairmen leave her house.

The staff behind the company, who calls himself Uncle, said he wanted to share about “this woman’s conduct”.

First meeting

Uncle first met the female customer, surnamed Chan, when she called on the company’s services six months ago to check on her aircon unit.

Uncle said his team went down to give a “free diagnosis”.

Subsequently, Chan claimed that she saw “sparks”, and accused the company of damaging her aircon unit.

Although Uncle said there was no evidence that his repairmen actually did the damage, they had to give her the benefit of the doubt.

The company then replaced part of her aircon unit, and subsidised half of the S$800 fee for the replacement.

Did not want to let repairmen drill into false ceiling

Chan then informed the company several months later that she was facing problems with her aircon again.

Once again, the company’s team went down to her house to inspect the unit.

The repairmen diagnosed the problem as faulty wiring inside the aircon. The wiring was not replaced during their visit six months ago.

Uncle explained that as the wiring was not installed by the company, there is no warranty for it.

One solution that the repairmen suggested involved drilling and opening up the false ceiling to access the wiring.

However, Chan was opposed to this and apparently wanted the repairmen to resolve the issue without doing either, and also insisted that there were other methods to access the wiring.

In the post, Uncle expressed his bewilderment at this: “How to do???”

With no other options, the repairmen decided to leave.

“With no other possible options to resolve this issue, Uncle decided to let this lady consider the proposed solution while our technician teams leave for their next job as drilling would require MCST submission and approval.”

Tried to block the team’s access to the lift

Chan, however, allegedly took her discontent to the next level.

According to Uncle, she apparently refused to allow the repairmen to leave her house, which caused them to be late for their next customer appointment.

Hearing about this situation, Uncle said he rushed down to Chan’s house to resolve the issue and try to negotiate with her.

Chan apparently still refused to listen.

Uncle said he realised that explaining and trying to negotiate was futile, and decided to leave with the team.

Chan then attempted to block their entry into the lift, and with no other choice, the team had to walk down the stairs with their equipment “while a furious tirade full of vulgarities were spewed by the customer”.

Uncle said:

“Honestly, this is the first time we have encountered such an unreasonable customer and Uncle is speechless.”

Asked for S$400 refund for repair work six months ago

In his post, Uncle shared his WhatsApp conversation with Chan as well.

Chan was seen complaining about the durability of the repair works done on her aircon six months ago, and asking for a refund of the subsidised S$400 she paid.

Asia Photo from Air Con Uncle / FB

Uncle accused Chan of bullying him and his team, and suggested to Chan that she could engage another company to repair the faulty wiring.

Chan Photo from Air Con Uncle / FB

Chan continued to insist that the problems with her aircon were caused by the repair company, stating that it was their “full responsibility”.

Facebook Photo from Air Con Uncle / FB

She added that she was “very disappointed” and “angry”.

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You can read Air Con Uncle’s full post here.

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