Supreme Court declines Biden administration’s efforts to end ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

The Supreme Court on Tuesday denied the Biden administration’s request to pause the implementation of a Trump-era immigration policy. The Justice Department had asked the court late last week to delay the reinstatement of the policy, known as “Remain in Mexico,” arguing in its brief that the policy had been dormant for more than a … Read more

Supreme Court upholds order keeping ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy in place

The Supreme Court Tuesday declined the Biden administration’s request to block a lower court order keeping the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” policy for asylum-seekers in place. The unsigned order stated that the Biden White House failed to show that its move to end the program, which required asylum claimants to wait in Mexico until their case … Read more

SCOTUS Denies Biden Plea to Halt Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) denied a plea from President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to halt the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) program while a lawsuit brought by Texas and Missouri makes its way through the courts. On Tuesday evening, in a 6-3 decision, SCOTUS issued an order denying DOJ’s request for the … Read more

SCOTUS ‘Remain in Mexico’ ruling marks latest immigration defeat for Biden administration | Fox News

Former U.S. Border Patrol chief Ron Vitiello tells ‘Fox News Live’ that criminal organizations are ‘benefiting from this chaos’ The Supreme Court’s ruling late Tuesday, which ordered the Biden administration to reinstate the Trump-era Remain-in-Mexico policy, marks the latest legal defeat for the administration on the subject of immigration. In a 6-3 decision, the court … Read more

Global protests as Brazil’s Supreme Court set to begin landmark indigenous rights ruling

Over 6,000 indigenous people from approximately 170 peoples are protesting at the Struggle For Life camp in Brasilia against the Time Limit Trick. Indigenous peoples from all over Brazil are protesting in a week-long action in Brasilia against the “Marco Temporal” (or “Time Limit Trick”), draft bill 490 known as the “Bill of Death”, and … Read more

State Senator Denied Communion by Bishop for Supporting Pro-Abortion Bill in New Mexico |

New Mexico State Senator Joe Cervantes announced on July 17 that his bishop denied him communion. Sen. Cervantes said in a tweet that Las Cruces, New Mexico Bishop Peter Baldacchino denied him communion “based on my political office.” Here’s his full tweet below: @SenJoeCervantes, Twitter Sen. Cervantes’ full tweet reads, “I was denied communion last … Read more

Number of ‘Fleebagger’ Texas Democrats with Coronavirus Climbs to Five

Five members of a group of Democrats from the Texas House of Representatives who fled to Washington, DC, to deny the chamber a quorum to pass Republican-sponsored voting laws last week have now reportedly contracted coronavirus. The group of “fleebaggers,” as they are pejoratively known, which was celebrated by the establishment D. C. media and … Read more

Mexico’s president sets up a show trial of his predecessors | The Economist

Jul 15th 2021 IT IS A question that might have been devised by Cantinflas, a comic actor who turned the Mexican taste for circumlocution into an absurdist art form. “Are you in agreement or not that appropriate actions in accordance with the constitutional and legal framework be carried out in order to undertake actions of … Read more

Supreme Court Leaves Coronavirus Eviction Moratorium Intact

WASHINGTON — The federal moratorium on evictions will remain in effect after the US Supreme Court on Tuesday denied a request to abruptly end it. The order leaves intact — for now — a policy that renters nationwide have relied on to ease financial hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The moratorium adopted by the … Read more

Footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi sues federal government over wrongful detention in Thailand | SBS News

Footballer Hakeem Al-Araibi is suing the federal government for negligence and breaching its duty of care after he was wrongfully detained in Thailand.  The Bahrain-born Australian made global headlines after he was detained by Thai authorities while on honeymoon from Melbourne in November 2018.  His detention came after Bahrain had issued an Interpol red notice … Read more