/Thailand road accidents cost 500 billion baht per year | Thaiger

Thailand road accidents cost 500 billion baht per year | Thaiger

Thai roads are among the most deadly in the world and most of the fatal accidents involve motorcycles. A recent study found that 80% of motorcycle accidents are related to cars cutting in front of oncoming traffic.

Honda and Yamaha partnered with the Thailand Accident Research Centre, or TARC, for the “In-depth Accident Investigation in Thailand,” reviewing 1,000 motorcycle accidents that took place between 2016 and 2020. The study was intended to help find solutions to help reduce the number of accidents.

The study found that most motorcycle riders involved in accidents were riding at normal speeds of around 20kph to 60kph. Researchers say most were not under the influence of alcohol. Many victims were young riders.

More than 40% of riders who died motorcycle accidents suffered severe injuries, with 62% of those riders not wearing a helmet. TARC recommends that Thai police tighten enforcement on those riding without a helmet. They also recommend that there should be a speed limit of 80kph for motorcycles as well as stricter regulations on motorbike modifications.

TARC recommends Thai officials come up with new road designs that focus on safe motorcycle riding by limiting the mix of motorcycles and cars at accident-prone areas like U-turns, intersections and highway entrances and exits.

TARC also suggests Thai officials review driving courses to add more focus on skills that help with a driver’s judgement and decision making.

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2 men were killed and 1 was injured in an early morning accident after their car rear-ended a container truck in Thailand’s southern province of Songkhla. The crash occurred at 12:30am in Rattaphum district at the Khuha intersection on the main highway in tambon Khuan Ru, according to the district’s deputy investigation chief.

The car, a Honda City, with Bangkok license plates, hit the back of a cargo truck and became wedged under its tray, trapping 2 people in the back seat and killing them. Rescue workers used a hydraulic jack to open the car and remove the bodies. The victims of the accident are thought to be migrant workers, as investigators found construction tools inside the wrecked car.

The car hit the container truck after it had stopped at the Khuha intersection, with investigators saying they believe the driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. Officials did not say whether the driver of the truck was injured, but did say they would call him in for questioning.

Meanwhile, a teenage scout drowned yesterday after jumping in a swamp during a mock war with teachers who were throwing rocks at the students, acting as if the stones were bombs. The teen was later reported missing when he did not return home. It took divers 4 hours to search the 3-metre deep swamp and find 15 year old Noppakao Sita’s body.

Police say the Wat Na Ban Kor School in the Isaan province Kalasin had sent the students out to the nearby swamp for scout activities. Reports say teachers were throwing rocks at the students. The students pretended the rocks were bombs and jumped into the swamp, dodging the stones. Police suspect Noppakao did not know how to swim and was forced to participate in the activity. At around 2pm, people noticed that Noppakao didn’t return home, and reported him missing to police 6 hours later.

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