/They Caught Him! Rush Told Us John Kerry Was Betraying America, Talking to the Iranians – The Rush Limbaugh Show

They Caught Him! Rush Told Us John Kerry Was Betraying America, Talking to the Iranians – The Rush Limbaugh Show

BRETT: The New York Times has uncovered what is a “bombshell,” but they “buried” it when it comes to John Kerry. “The New York Times is taking criticism for ‘burying’ a report that former Secretary of State John Kerry told Iran that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times.

“The story focuses on leaked audio of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaking candidly about Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, the powerful branch of Iran’s Armed Forces and a U.S.-designated terrorist organization. However, 22 paragraphs into a 26-paragraph story, the Times dropped a major revelation.

America“‘Former Secretary of State John Kerry” and Democrat nominee for president and secretary of state after that “informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times, to his astonishment, Mr. Zarif said,’ Times reporter Farnaz Fassihi wrote.” He was shocked he was getting this information from John Kerry.

Sure! They were buddies, they were tight, they were friends!

“Kerry [was] secretary of state from 2013 to 2017, where he was instrumental in brokering the Iran nuclear deal,” the JCPLA. “The deal was heavily opposed by Israel, with whom Kerry has frequently sparred.” But think about this guy. This guy was a secretary of state. He’s now the inner circle of the Biden administration as the climate czar.

He’s the guy who goes around asking and begging for concessions and forgiveness for the United States for climate crimes that we’ve committed, right? This is a man who for, well, basically all of his adult life has been wrong on every foreign policy decision that he’s ever faced. Are you talking about Joe Biden, Brett? No, no, I’m talking about John Kerry.

Joe Biden was also accused of that by Bob Gates in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. So here you have the Iranian government, Zarif, is a senior player. He’s a guy who may have wanted to run for the presidency of Iran. He’s a guy who is BFFs with John Kerry. He’s friends with John Kerry.

He’s friends with Valerie Jarrett, who’s on the inside of the Obama team. This is a guy who travels the world and comes off as this reasoned face of diplomacy. The reality is, he’s tied right back to all of the regime leaders there in Tehran. (chuckles) So here’s Zarif having this interview over a number of hours with an Iranian journalist, and he’s just spilling all the beans.

He is saying (paraphrased), “Yeah, I never like that Soleimani guy! Yeah, the mullahs won’t let me do what I have to do in terms of running foreign policy. Yeah, Soleimani was a bad guy who was always trying to make me go extract concessions from the Russians. I don’t like the Russians either. I’ve got concerns about this. I’ve got concerns about that. Oh, by the way, John Kerry told me that the Iranians were attacked 200 times by the Israelis in Syria!”

Rush knew full well what John Kerry was up to, that John Kerry was working with the Iranians to undermine America.

RUSH: Now, there was a dinner party in Washington last night. I was not there, of course, but I got feedback from it. Here is the bottom line of what was revealed. John Kerry — former secretary of state for Barack Hussein O — has been talking to the Iranians and has been telling them to hold the line, to wait out Donald Trump and his administration. “Don’t make a deal with Trump,” Kerry is telling the Iranians. In fact, the exact words, “Don’t make a bad deal with Trump.” Meaning: Any deal that you make with Trump is gonna be bad for you, the Iranians.

Kerry is telling them not to do it. Wait until Trump is beaten in 2020 and do a deal with the Democrats. “Supposedly, Kerry has met with the Iranians four times since leaving his office at the State Department and these words were said.” Now, two things. How is that different in than Michael Flynn talking to the Russians before being national security adviser? How is that any different? Michael Flynn was talking to the Russian ambassador as the incoming NSA, and now he’s charged with lying to the FBI.

His family’s ruined. He’s ruined financially. Here’s Kerry talking to the Iranians. I know what many of you are shouting at your radio, “Ted Kennedy did it!” Yes, he did during the Reagan administration. Ted Kennedy was sending letters to Yuri Andropov and whatever Soviet leader. They kept dying. It’s why Reagan didn’t talk to ’em ’cause they kept dying. But Ted Kennedy was sending letters to Soviet leaders, saying, “Don’t deal with Reagan. Wait him out.

“We’ll eventually get the White House back. We’ll get rid of Reagan. He’ll be gone someday. Deal with us.” This is sabotage. Kerry’s a saboteur! This is undermining the will of the American people. John Kerry’s never been elected to anything other than the United States Senate. He’s not been elected to do what he’s doing now.

How is John Kerry not breaking the law? He’s not in the United States government telling the Iranians not to do a deal with Trump. Can anybody say, “Logan Act”? Michael Flynn was threatened with jail time!

BRETT: The Logan Act! That’s exactly what Michael Flynn was facing. The Logan Act. He was brought in on phony charges underneath that theory by a corrupted FBI with James Comey and, of course, McCabe. So let’s unpack this for a moment, because what is the upside for John Kerry giving advice to the Iranian foreign minister? What’s the upside for John Kerry personally?

This is a man who is consistently wrong on issues. We can pick a few of them out. We can go back to the Iraq war. “Iraq (2003) — In 2002, Sen. Kerry voted to authorize the Iraq War; in 2003, he voted against continued funding and aid necessary to secure victory. The flip-flop was not only indefensible, but also cost Sen. Kerry the 2004 election against George W. Bush. …

“Gulf War (1991) — Not only did Sen. Kerry vote against authorizing U.N.-approved action against Saddam Hussein, but he also argued for a ‘new world order’ not led by the U.S. and criticized the American-led coalition President George H.W. Bush had built. …

“‘In 2007, Kerry voted against a Senate resolution that wanted to “combat, contain, and roll back the violent activities and destabilizing influence inside Iraq of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran,”‘ that were carrying out those attacks in Iraq.

“Israel (2003) — As CBS News has noted, Sen. Kerry called Israel’s anti-terror security barrier — which has saved hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian lives — a ‘barrier to peace’ in October 2003. …

“Syria (2009) — Though Sen. Kerry condemned Syria as a supporter of terrorism in 1991, when Syria had aligned with the U.S. in the Gulf War, he later embraced dictator Bashar al-Assad, leading Democrats’ efforts to rehabilitate the murderous regime.”

And you go back to 1971, the “Winter Soldier” investigation. “As bad as Sen. Kerry’s record has been since, nothing quite tops his national debut in the ‘Winter Soldier’ investigation as a decorated veteran telling false stories about war crimes allegedly committed by American troops in Vietnam.”

This is also a man who, don’t forget, “in the wake of the shocking attacks by ISIS in Paris in 2015,” the Charlie Hebdo attack by the ISIS attackers there in France, as a means of trying to calm the nerves of the French people who were under siege by this resurgent terrorist group in ISIS, he brought James Taylor to sing You’ve Got A Friend.

He literally did that.

Bashar al-AssadAt the end of his tenure, don’t forget what John Kerry did. John Kerry apologized to the Iranian regime who had taken our sailors hostages and forced them to bow down on their knees and to apologize for incursions into Iranian waters, and John Kerry said (impression), “This is really great that you’ve helped us get our people back! You are phenomenal. This is wonderful. We thank the government of Iran.”

Of course, because Zarif is his friend, and so now you got this guy freelancing on foreign policy. He’s not going in front of the Senate committees or the House committees to talk about his foreign policy efforts. He ought to have his security clearance stripped, just stripped. He shouldn’t be getting access to intelligence ’cause he’s apparently sending that intelligence to the Iranian regime.

And, oh, isn’t it rich…? In one bright spot of irony, isn’t it rich that when you listen to these recordings you find out that it turns out while the regime was all up in arms about the death of Soleimani thinking that the Soleimani killing was a horrible thing, Zarif actually couldn’t stand Soleimani and didn’t seem to be bummed out about Soleimani being taken down by Donald Trump!

So that actually puts Joe Biden still on the side of the Iranian mullahs, because Joe Biden said it was tragic and a mistake to go and take out Soleimani, the biggest terrorist that Iran ever produced. I told you, John Kerry has been wrong for decades, almost as wrong as President Biden, and these are the guys trying to cobble back together the Iranian nuclear deal that we know they’re gonna violate. Curious.