/Treehotel in Harads (Sweden) – Review and Photos

Treehotel in Harads (Sweden) – Review and Photos

Treehotel in Harads is one of the most unique hotels in the world, located in the middle of the forest in northern Sweden. This is where nature meets modern design in the form of spectacular treehouses. 

I recently visited Treehotel in Sweden, and here is a review where I’m sharing my experience, photos, as well as other useful information to know before you book your stay or before you arrive. 

Tree Houses at Treehotel in Harads

Treehotel has a total of 7 treehouses at the moment, and you can read more about each one below. Christine and I stayed in the 7th Room, Mirrorcube, and Dragonfly. The others are just photographed by us from the outside. 

All of the treehouses at Treehotel features incinerating toilets and their sustainable Rukkamoinika water system with 3 liters of water for washing your hands. 


Mirrorcube is characterized by the mirror-windows that reflect the surrounding nature and camouflages the treehouse. It’s like the perfect getaway in the forest, which features a rooftop terrace where you have incredible views over the pine trees and surrounding landscape.

I would say that Mirrorcube is ultimate for an adventurous couple who wants to get a unique experience. Inside, you have plenty of enough space to relax as well as a double bed with a large window. 

All walls on the outside are covered by mirror glass and on the inside, the walls are light plywood. There is also a tree trunk that grows through the middle of the room, which is a pretty cool aspect of the Mirrorcube.

It was constructed in 2010 and the architects behind Mirrorcube are Tham & Videgård, Bolle Tham & Martin Videgård.

The 7th Room

This is the newest addition to Treehotel, inaugurated in 2017. The 7th Room is also the biggest and most luxurious of their treehouses. After having stayed in this, I could honestly say that it’s so nice and spacious that I could see myself living here full time. 

The inside has everything you could wish for, including a relaxation area with comfortable chairs, and a separate area with large windows and a sofa. There are two bedrooms in the 7th Room, which makes it an ultimate treehouse for families or a larger group of friends.

Both of the bedrooms have large windows with gorgeous views and access to the net floor and terrace. One additional feature is the shower, which has running water that constantly recycles and cleans itself. 

One of the coolest features about the 7th Room includes a net floor, where you can see 10 meters below you. Additionally, it comes with incredible views over the surrounding landscape and it’s more or less free from mosquitoes during summer as well, since they usually don’t fly this high up in the air.

The 7th Room was designed by Snöhetta, an architect-firm from Norway. It’s truly one of the most beautiful and cozy hotel rooms where I have stayed. Something unique and special for an unforgettable trip to northern Sweden. 


This is one of the coolest treehouses at Treehotel if you ask me. It just has that cool vibe around it with futuristic designs and large windows from the bedrooms. Dragonfly was designed by the Finnish architect firm Rintala Eggertsson.

It’s the second-largest room at Treehotel with 52 square meters in total and two bedrooms, one master bedroom with a double bed, and one bedroom with twin beds. 

From the master bedroom, you can wake up to the most beautiful view, especially when the light shines through the window and the trees outside. From every area in the Dragonfly, you’ll have windows where you can enjoy a nice and calm view of tall pines.

The Dragonfly can also be used as a conference room, although it’s mostly rented out for private purposes. It features a big seating area with a nice window view as well as a foldable TV, which is attached to the ceiling. 

The Bird’s Nest

The Bird’s Nest was built in 2014 and designed by Bertil Harström. It fits 4 people and blends well with the surrounding nature. I think this is one of the coolest treehouses at Treehotel, just because of its unusual design that resembles a giant bird’s nest.

It’s accessed via a ladder and hatch in the floor. And although it’s a relatively compact room, there is one double bed and two single beds, which makes it a great choice for families. 

The Cabin

This is perhaps the most classic of the treehouses at Treehotel in Harads. It was designed by Mårten and Gustav Cyrén in built in 2010.

The Cabin is one of the most popular choices among couples, and it’s easy to understand since it’s situated amongst the tree tops with a wonderful view of the Lule River valley.

In addition to a double bed and a spacious room of 24 square meters, The Cabin also features a balcony with seating. The entrance is pretty cool too, with a long bridge leading you up to a door that is situated in the middle of the trees. 


The UFO is perhaps one of the most famous treehouses at Treehotel, and it’s a longtime favorite among guests. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy spending the night inside a UFO in the middle of the forest? 

The UFO has room for up to five people with three single beds and one double bed. It’s a popular choice for families, but its alien-like design attracts visitors of all ages, from kids to seniors.

This treehouse has the same architect as Bird’s Nest, namely Bertil Harström. Inside, one will find a space-inspired interior with a starry sky in the ceiling. The UFO is accessible via an electric ladder that is collapsible.

The Blue Cone

The Blue Cone is actually not blue at all, but instead, it’s a red wooden construction that is built around simplicity. It’s one of the cutest treehouses in my opinion, and this room is also accessible for visitors with reduced mobility as there is a ramp leading up to the entrance.

Inside the Blue Cone, there is a double bed and a large window with a view of the surrounding trees and nature. The architect behind this treehouse is Thomas Sandell, and there are many stories about how the Blue Cone got its red color.

Sauna and outdoor jacuzzi

There are two separate sauna areas, one that features a small tree sauna for 1-4 guests and a big tree sauna for 1-20 guests. There are various packages to choose from as a guest, and the price starts at 150 SEK/person.

Additionally, one can book the forest spa, which includes the sauna and a relax package with drinks, snacks, etc as well as the outdoor jacuzzi. I can highly recommend this for all guests, and it’s very relaxing and peaceful, especially during wintertime. 

The price for the forest spa is 650 SEK/person for 2 hours. Children have a discounted price of 300 SEK/child. 

Dinner at Treehotel

The restaurant at Treehotel combines the highest quality food of the current season from the north with creative flavors made of local produce, ranging from wild game to hand-picked berries.

It’s located in the main building, which also the former guesthouse, where you can experience what a typical grandmother’s house would look like in Sweden.

This beautiful and cozy interior sets the mood for a relaxed dinner in a homely environment with timeless decor from the 1930s and 50s. And the food is truly something special, and you can really tell that the chefs cook the dishes with passion.

At Treehotel you get to taste the flavor of every season, and depending on when you visit, the menu will be different. My favorite meal during our stay was the three-course dinner with Sik (appetizer), Moose (main course), and cloudberry sorbet (dessert). 

Breakfast at Treehotel

Breakfast is served daily in the guesthouse building. It consists of a hearty mix of a typical Swedish breakfast with items such as bread, butter, cheese, cold cuts, jam as well as eggs, bacon, and smoked salmon. 


No matter what time of the year you visit Treehotel, there’s always something fun to do. Some examples of activities that can be booked include Snowmobile safari, Northern lights and night photography, a day trip to Storforsen, Ice fishing, Snowshoe walk, or Moose safari.

You can also make a tour where you can learn more about the Sami people and their culture. All activities that are available to book via Treehotel can be seen on their website – treehotel.se/en/activities

My thoughts about staying at Treehotel

After having seen these treehouses on social media for years, it was a dream come true to experience Treehotel in person. And without hyping it too much, I will say that it’s even nicer in real life because there is much more to it than what usually gets shared on social media. 

It’s the whole package that makes Treehotel so special. Sure, the treehouses are amazing in their own right, but it’s also the staff, the environment where you eat breakfast and dinner that adds to the experience. 

Staying at Treehotel could be described as coming home to your grandmother’s house and eating the most delicious food, and then you’re off to play in the coolest treehouses ever. There is this cozy and warm feeling about this place that makes you feel at home.

It could also be described as a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of our modern society without leaving the comfortable features that many of us are accustomed to, while you’re still getting the chance to sleep amongst the treetops in the middle of the forest and come closer to nature. 

This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience that I can recommend to anyone. Perfect for a romantic honeymoon or an adventure with your whole family that will be remembered and cherished for years to come. 

At the same time, it’s relaxing, calm, and a great place to rejuvenate your soul and get those life batteries charged again. The treehouses offer privacy in the middle of the forest, and both Christine and I found it very peaceful to wake up to the gorgeous views from the bedroom window. 

The outdoor jacuzzi and saunas are also worth a special mention. I didn’t know what it looked like before we arrived, and I was happily surprised of how it felt like you were relaxing in a hot tub in the middle of the forest, with complete silence around you, except the natural sounds of the forest. 

Useful information

Before you arrive or book your stay, here’s some useful information, including contact information. Below, I also answer some frequently asked questions about Treehotel in Sweden. 

Check-in / Check-out

  • Check-in: 16.00-21.00
  • Check-out: 12.00

Contact information

  • Address: Treehotel Edeforsväg 2 A 960 24 Harads Sverige
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +46 (0)928-103 00
  • Website: Treehotel.se

Frequently asked questions

Is there a shower in the rooms?

Dragonfly and the 7th Room have a shower in the room. While staying in the other treehouses, the shower can be found in an adjacent building, which also includes shampoo, soap, towels, and bathrobes.

Does Treehotel offer room service?

Yes, room service is available for all guests. But the hotel recommends booking a private dining room in the main building to get the full experience. 

Are there a lot of mosquitoes?

Northern Sweden is notorious for mosquitoes during the summer months, and while Treehotel often has fewer mosquitoes thanks to its pinewood forest with dry ground, there will probably be some mosquitoes during these months. 

During the other times of the year, there will be no mosquitoes. And in the summertime, there will also likely be no mosquitoes in the 7th room or the Tree dining experience, since these are located higher up where mosquitoes generally don’t fly. 

All in all, you don’t have to worry, but if you come during the summer, it might be a good idea to use citronella or something else to prevent mosquito bites. Also, Swedish mosquitoes don’t carry dangerous diseases, so they are mostly annoying but harmless. 

What is the weather like in Harads?

The climate in Harads is sub-arctic with warm summer days where the temperature can rise to 30 degrees celsius. During wintertime, the temperature can drop down to -30 degrees celsius. It will greatly depend on which season you visit. 

Also, during the wintertime, it will be cold, but it usually doesn’t feel as cold as the thermometer displays since the air is dry. The wind is generally mild in this part of Sweden as well, which makes it feel a bit warmer, especially when the sun is shining.

Are there dangerous animals in the surrounding area?

There are no dangerous animals in Sweden, with the exception of the Common European viper that can be dangerous if you’re allergic. During your stay at Treehotel, you might be able to spot animals like reindeer, moose, foxes, squirrels, birds, and other Swedish animals. 

Most animals will keep their distance though, so just enjoy and watch them from a distance if you’re lucky to see some of them. 

Can I park a car at Treehotel?

Yes, there is free parking available on the hotel premises. 

How much does it cost to stay at Treehotel?

The price per night at Treehotel varies depending on which date you want to book if you’re going during low-season or high-season. You can see the updated price on their website when entering your dates. 

The Cabin is available from 5200 SEK per night for 2 persons. 

Do you have more questions about Treehotel in Harads? Leave a comment below, and I will be happy to answer from my own experience. 

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