/Verizon Says Good Riddance to One America News

Verizon Says Good Riddance to One America News

Verizon just dealt One America News, former President Trump’s favorite far-right “news” network, a death blow.

Starting Saturday, Verizon Fios will stop carrying OAN, depriving the cable network’s 3.5 million subscribers of their daily dose of conspiracy-mongering bullshit. The move follows DirecTV’s decision to drop OAN earlier this year, robbing the network of its biggest revenue stream.

As my colleague Ross Choma wrote at the time:

From the beginning, the network has positioned itself far to the right of even Fox News, regularly featuring pundits who aren’t welcome on other channels and aggressively promoting stories involving conspiracy theories, including the Seth Rich conspiracy, COVID denialism, and anti-vaccine disinformation. OAN cemented its position as former president Donald Trump’s favorite network after the 2020 election by continuing to question the election results well after Fox and other major news networks declared Joe Biden the winner.

Soon, OAN will be available only to a few hundred thousand subscribers to smaller cable providers and streaming providers—which still strikes me as a hell of a lot of people to be consuming this stuff.

Verizon told the  that it was dropping OAN because the network refused to agree to a new contract. But Dan Ball, host of the OAN program “Real America,” said on-air that Verizon had told his bosses, “We don’t think you’re a credible news organization, so we’re dropping you.” Only in the Bizarro World of OAN would the network’s patent lack of credibility be easier to admit than its refusal to agree to a contract. And only in the Bizarro World of OAN would Ball imply that he and his colleagues are pillars of journalistic integrity. “For any of you liberal activists online over at the Beast or Media Matters or all those stupid-ass liberal rags online that’s gonna take this segment, try to twist it, and say I’m out there, pleading for this, begging for that, blah blah blah,” he said, “do me a favor, will you folks please act like journalists for one damn minute?”

I’m sorry, what?

Dan Ball just exposed the truth about Verizon dropping OAN from their programming live on his show.

Verizon claimed that they couldn’t reach an agreement with OAN, but it turns out they dropped them because they don’t think OAN is a credible news organization.

“THEY’RE LYING. pic.twitter.com/lTRkbFWrxR

— Diane (@ladyfishrn11) July 26, 2022

OAN’s Alison Steinberg had another final message: “If you’re watching this, and you’re laughing and scoffing because you think that you’re immune to what’s coming, you just wait. Enjoy your freedoms while you’ve still got ’em.”

OAN host makes an urgent plea to liberals to help save the network after Verizon dropped them: “It is absolutely crucial that, for once, we defy the powers that be, we all come together, set aside our differences in a unified effort.” pic.twitter.com/JifUTD5PCI

— Ron Filipkowski 🇺🇦 (@RonFilipkowski) July 27, 2022