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WATCH Brave Driver of Escort Vehicle Under Attack in South Africa – SAPeople – Worldwide South African News

Brave Driver of Escort Vehicle Under Attack in South Africa
Brave Driver of Escort Vehicle Under Attack in South Africa. Photo: Screenshot from Twitter video

An escort vehicle driver in South Africa is being praised for his skill and cool composure under attack. “Chuck Norris has been officially dethroned”, joked many viewers after watching the car dashboard camera footage on social media, in which the driver and his passenger came under fire from suspects with AK47 rifles.

The car cam video footage was loaded to Twitter by social cohesion advocate Yusuf Abramjee, who said: “Escort vehicle attacked. The driver rammed the two cars of the attackers.”

According to the time stamp on the footage, the incident took place on 22 April at around 10h25 in the morning.

The shooting reportedly happened on the N4 Pretorius Street crossing in Hatfield, Pretoria. The armoured vehicle seen in the video, a land cruiser, was escorting a courier van which was transporting cellphones.

The driver deliberately bumped the Audi and then chased them into the premises of a Southern Sun Hotel. According to a message on SA Long Distance Truckers, the suspects jumped out and one ran into the local MacDonalds whilst one or more others fled the scene.

No injuries were sustained. Two AK47s were retrieved.

Give this man a Bell’s

SA Long-distance Truckers said: “The most dangerous job in South Africa… How good is this driver?”

South Africans have praised the driver for his years of experience which clearly paid off as he was able to bravely and swiftly pull off moves that would put even Chuck Norris to shame! One Twitter user said: “Honestly, if they DON’T hire this dude for the next Bond movie, I’m just not watching it. I have never seen such cool in such a potentially fatal situation…”

And, as many South Africans said: “Give this man a Bell’s.”

To those criticising the passenger, it has been pointed out that most young men would have reacted the same in that frightening moment. Julian Rademeyer, Director of Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime, tweeted: “It could be the first time he has been shot at, which is an utterly terrifying experience. Age gap suggests different levels of experience. But we don’t know. I don’t think anyone can judge unless they have been in a situation like that.”

WATCH VIDEO: Car Cam inside escort vehicle captures ‘Chuck Norris’ SA driver hero

Rademeyer confirmed the incident occurred on the N1/N4 near Pretoria and that the driver is a former SAPS Special Task Force member which explains his incredible calm skill. Rademeyer added that tragically a similar incident occurred on Thursday near Clearwater Mall where one occupant was wounded and the other, Corné Gerber, was killed.

According to a post on Facebook, an escort vehicle in Pretoria on its way to Clearwater Mall was ambushed whilst driving on Hendrik Potgieter. The suspects allegedly shot at the vehicle from behind, wounding Stephan Gerhardi in his arm, and fatally shooting Gerber. Gerhardi was taken by ambulance to Flora Clinic Hospital.

For more info, Abramjee hashtagged Crime Watch, which can be viewed on Tuesdays in SA at 9:30pm on #DStv403