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WATCH What Happened at the Glen Shopping Mall in South Africa – SAPeople – Worldwide South African News

“You’ve seen the worst, now see the best. We are a united nation,” is the message of a video that’s going viral in South Africa. It shows a worship group, and shopping centre staff and customers uniting to sing church songs, and SA’s national anthem. The joyous incident took place at the Glen Shopping Mall in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jorge S, a South African living in London, said: “It gave me goosebumps seeing South Africans together, resilient again and rising above the turmoil last week ❤️❤️❤️”

Mantai M said: “This made me cry, united we stand, forward SOUTH AFRICANS, let’s not be divided by colour, we are one in the eyes of God.”

Thobe K added: “It’s so amazing how warm-hearted we are as South Africans. People will never understand the love we have for this country we are going through some tribulation and yes here we are self-healing, South Africans in SA and around the world came together. They say sport unites the nation but we are united by the love for this beautiful country. I Love you South Africa and its people.”

What happened in Glen Shopping Mall is absolutely wonderful, but the feelgood feelings it is giving South Africans everywhere is extraordinary. Here are more comments:

Gladwin M: “Republic of South Africa; The only place that I and its people call HOME; My motherland. My Home. All different “natives” here are not natives or “people of colour” but our people, the South Africans too. We have Indians, Americans, Nigerians, UK, Irish, Pakistans, Batswana and all other migrants whom we now call South Africans. This praise and worship at the mall made South Africa.”

Gayle B: “TEARS OF JOY one good thing that came out of this devastating past week is That United we will stand. Proud to be a part of this rainbow Nation.”

Louise F: “I love my country and the amazing people of my country! I will never stop believing in the future of SA! If we take hands and move forward we will be an unstoppable force!!”

Thando N: “Our hearts are bleeding for everyone in our country. These people singing the anthem shows together we can continue to build a great nation who takes hands and prosper.”

Nontsikelelo M: “Ha la la South Africa Ha la la. We shall Rise again. Let the Colour of our skin do not determine who we are. Politicians have failed to separate us like washing. We are going to unite beyond measure.”

Mohau B: “This is what the news channels should be showing. A country that stands together where most would completely fall apart. God bless our beautiful nation and all its people.”

Lisa M: “Left me with goosebumps and tears in my eyes. This is our Country, let us protect it. We have worked hard to get to where we are. Our Country has potential to be great. United we stand, divided we fall.”

Claude B: “Those who thought that they were going to destabilise this Country, has brought us together. Forward we go!”

Colin B: “That’s what I am talking about…… let’s go Mzanzi together we can be the change we want to see! I am excited ’bout our future… things can only get better.”

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