/We are ready to Pull 10 million foreign tourists into Thailand TAT says –

We are ready to Pull 10 million foreign tourists into Thailand TAT says –

The TAT Governor sends an aggressive marketing signal to order 29 TAT offices around the world. 

Started selling travel packages in Thailand from this March onwards to attract foreign tourists to Thailand in the third quarter of the year 2021, aiming to generate a total tourism income of 1.2 trillion baht to pave the way to 2022, generating a leap of 108% or 2.5 trillion baht.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), revealed that TAT has adjusted the 2021 work goals to be in line with the ad master plan under the national strategy resulting from the COVID-19 situation. 

2021-2022 With a plan to revive Thailand’s tourism industry in 2021-2022, with the goal of 2021 to have a total tourism income of 1.2 trillion baht and the goal of 2022 to have a total tourism income of 2.5 trillion baht.

For the year 2021, it is estimated that the foreign tourist market will return in the third quarter.

TAT, has a marketing agency and ready signal to go to market. 

Recently, it has assigned 29 TAT offices around the world to prepare for aggressive marketing plan by starting to sell hard sell travel packages to foreigners from March to April. 

Which coincides with the European Easter In order to bring foreign tourists to in the third quarter of this year and for the whole year 2021 there will be 10 million foreign tourists traveling according to the target set, generating 500 billion baht in income to the country.

“Long haul tourists are expected to enter Europe and America first. 

Short haul markets such as ASEAN and East Asia may follow later. 

Because of the policies of the Chinese, Japanese and South Korean governments, people are asked to cooperate if not necessary. 

Still not allowing to travel outside the country “

The TAT Governor said that TAT has now started talking to partners such as airlines from the Middle East region like Emirates Airlines And Qatar Airways Including hotels and tourism business operators to sell all Inclusive travel packages to foreign tourists aiming to increase the spending amount per trip per person with the development of tourism activities to be more responsive to diversity and high value

However, the trend of the international tourist market will reach 10 million this year according to the target of TAT or not It depends on 5 factors that how much relief will be given:

1. Sentiment of Thai people

2. Situation of vaccine access both in Thailand and abroad

3. Facilitation of immigration (Ease of Traveling)

4. Policy for allowing tourists to leave the country of origin

5. Public health measures in accepting tourists Foreign countries into Thailand If there is still a 14-day detention condition, it’s difficult to reach that goal.

TAT Governor said that Mr. Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports Has assigned TAT finds a way to attract foreign vaccinated foreigners to Thailand, he would like to have a vaccine passport (Vaccine Passport) and to consult with the Tourism Organization (NTO) of ASEAN countries. 

To issue a joint vaccine passport Under one standard Any traveler who is vaccinated and carries a vaccine passport? 

Able to travel in and out of ASEAN countries together Without being confined

Mr. Yuthasak Revealed The tourism situation in 2020 that total tourism income of 812,786 million baht, a 72.8% decrease from 2019, with 6.69 million foreign tourists, 83.24% decrease, generating 332 billion baht in revenue, a decrease of 83.63% while There are 90.74 million Thai people traveling within the country – times a decrease of 47.47%, generating income of 480,787 million baht.

It is observed that in 2020, the proportion of income from foreign tourists is 41% and from Thais 59%.

For 2021, the total tourism revenue target is 1.2 trillion baht, an increase of 44% from 2020, coming from 10 million foreign tourists, an increase of 49%, generating revenue of 500 billion baht, an increase of 51% while having a tourist target 120 million Thai people – 33% increase, generate 700 billion baht in income, the proportion of income from foreign tourists is 42% and from Thais 58%.

In 2022, the total tourism revenue target is 2.5 trillion baht, an increase of 108% from 2021, from 20.8 million foreign tourists, an increase of 108%, generating revenue of 1.3 trillion baht, an increase of 160%.

The target of 180 million Thai tourists – 50% increase, generating income of 1.2 trillion baht, the proportion of income from foreign tourists is 52% and from Thais 48%.

It is noted that in 2022, TAT set the target Average spending of foreign tourists per trip is up to 62,500 baht per person from the present at each person. 49,000-50,000 Baht per trip to comply with the government policy to expand the tourist base, quality and increase the spending value of tourists.

The impact of the new coronavirus outbreak is preliminary. and may result in revenue from tourism disappearing at least 46,000 million baht per month and if it extends up to 1 quarter, it will lose a hundred billion baht. 

But it is believed the government will control the outbreak soon, and measures must be taken to help the tourism industry entrepreneurs and workers survive.