/Yacht Mehendi, Mystery Island Sangeet & More Experiences To Have An Unforgettable Thailand Wedding | WedMeGood

Yacht Mehendi, Mystery Island Sangeet & More Experiences To Have An Unforgettable Thailand Wedding | WedMeGood

The other day while scrolling through our destination wedding folder, we realized that it has been a while (umm.. almost a year) and we haven’t spotted a unique Thailand wedding celebration. Honestly, we low-key miss those offbeat beach ceremonies and out-of-the-box wedding ideas.

So, we went to thinking & researching how a Thailand wedding will look like in near future! And we tell you, our research led us to some really cool & unique pre-wedding experiences for you to give a shot in Thailand. Excited, aren’t you? With travel slowly opening-up, these experiences will help you plan your revelries in Thailand (with your OG squad, ofcourse) while staying safe and healthy. Gear up to bookmark your favourite!

1. Welcome Brunch With An Al Fresco Setup

Al Fresco setups are taking over the wedding circuit because clearly, ‘open-air/ outdoors‘ is the need of an hour. The warmth and natural essence of the theme adds to the charm of this intimate ceremony. It’s truly special to be seated with the guests close to your heart, and enjoy the ceremony beneath the clear skies, with endless laughters. All you’ve got to do is choose a mindful location!

Image via @megaday.phuket

2. Mehendi On A Yacht

We are all head over heels for this idea! It’s a great option for a Mehndi because everyone will get to witness the picturesque Thailand backdrops while enjoying the ceremony. Not to forget, that it’ll set the perfect mood for every picture! Really looking forward to experience this fresh twist to the usual intimate weddings.

Still, wondering how and where to book a yacht from? Well, Hype Boat Club & Blue Lagoon Yachting are here to guarantee an amazing experience. Get in touch with them for a magical Mehndi ceremony that is bound to break the internet.

3. Youngsters At Royal Phuket Marina 

Royal Phuket Marina is one of the dreamiest places you can have a classy youngsters at! Asia’s most sophisticated high-tech yachting haven, this is where you can throw worry to the wind and party like there’s no tomorrow! This is the place to be, if you’re looking for a vibrant, crazy and totally unforgettable youngsters party before you are set to tie the knot. 

Images via Royal Phuket Marina

4. Sangeet At A Secluded Beach In Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is popular for its relaxed vibe but very few people know about its beautiful beaches straight out of a Pinterest board. Planning a Sangeet or a Cocktail at a secret beach would be no less than a dream come true. Because who wouldn’t want to have beach to themselves?!

So just plan your wedding and pack your bags for a Sangeet on a white sandy beach! To make the task easy for you, you can contact Silver Hawk Group as they’ll ensure to make your celebrations as enjoyable as you’ve wished for!

5. Plan A Party Of A Lifetime With Your Squad

Imagine dancing the night away with your squad and bidding adieu to the wedding stress. Sounds amazing, right? All you’ve got to do is plan your trip and book with Thailand Bucks and Hens, the rest will be taken care of by them. Psstt.. they’re superb with fancy themes and ideas. 

Trust us, this unique party ambience will add life to your ordinary bachelorette.

Whoa! Aren’t these experiences worth all the efforts? Maybe, it’s the right time to plan your pre-wedding revelries in Thailand! Let us know if you need more inputs.

**Images are for representational purposes only