/America Now Has One Rule Book for Ordinary People and Another for the Elites | Dan Bongino

America Now Has One Rule Book for Ordinary People and Another for the Elites | Dan Bongino

One thing you can say for sure is that this would be a very different country if the people that made the rules expected to have to live by them. Do you think politicians would have been so eager to put people out of work by locking down the country if it meant they wouldn’t have gotten paid either? Do you think the social media monopolies would be quite so ready to censor people if they believed they could be censored, too? Do you think the Michael Bloomberg’s of the world would be pushing gun control if it meant they couldn’t have armed security? Of course not. There is always one set of rules for people like you and me and another set for the well-connected people that make the rules.

Billionaires and hedge fund owners are allowed to do all sorts of things to manipulate the stock market, but if a bunch of regular people does the same by simply investing in GameStop, that’s a national scandal. These sort of people who might actually need a government stimulus check because the government stopped them from working all year aren’t supposed to be able to gang up and take on the type of guys who fly a helicopter to work. When they do, all the rules have to be changed to stop them.

America had one of the biggest political freak-outs in recent memory over a group of rioters storming Capitol Hill and you will learn a great bit about what rule book people are playing by if you compare the treatment of those rioters with the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters that were allowed to run wild all year. Many of the Capitol Hill rioters will probably do serious time for any sort of crime committed, while many of the liberal rioters simply had their charges waived. The Capitol Hill rioters were referred to as “insurrectionists,” which is hard to square with the fact that liberals that took over police stations and created their own “autonomous zones” in American cities were treated like kids fooling around. The FBI asked for public help identifying the Capitol Hill rioters while they did nothing to track down similar people on the Left. When Congress was threatened, 25,000 troops were sent to D.C. to secure the area, but when regular folks all over the country faced mobs, in many cases the police were pulled back or hamstrung to such an extent that these citizens had to defend themselves. Incidentally, when some of them, like Kyle Rittenhouse, the McCloskeys, or bar owner James Gardner (who killed himself after being unjustly charged) did just that, the same system that abandoned them to the liberal mobs turned on them for defending themselves.

It also seems rather noteworthy that after the riots at the Capitol Building, a permanent fence was built around the building in short order. We haven’t managed to do the same thing at the border, despite it being authorized by law since 2006. You see, there are also some groups favored by the elite that get special privileges in America. Illegal aliens are allowed to break the law to come here. Men who declare that they are women get to go into women’s locker rooms and play women’s sports despite the obvious problems with it. Democrats are calling for all Americans to pay off the college loans of people that willingly took them in exchange for nothing. Obamacare drove the cost of healthcare into the stratosphere for most Americans to help a tiny slice of the population that didn’t get health insurance before they became seriously ill. We’re told that we’re this male-dominated society, oppressed by Christians, conservatives, and supposed white supremacists, but that’s so far out of touch with reality it might as well be coming from another dimension. There’s a quote often misattributed to Voltaire that goes something like, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” By that standard, it sure isn’t Christians, conservatives, men, or white Americans that rule anything.

If you want to see who this nation’s “elites” are, look for the kids being handed obscene amounts of money for access to their parents, the bullies who made a mainstream media career out of making EVERYTHING about race, and the powerful people who get to cry “capitalism” when they win and “I need a bailout” when they lose. Those people aren’t better than you, but they are far more privileged than you. Your kids probably aren’t going to be given a break to get into college, you’ll get laughed at by these people instead of helped if you’re mistreated and nobody in Washington showed up with a bailout when the small business you put your life into closed up because of the unnecessary COVID lockdowns. A lot of people endlessly talk about “sensitivity” and “fairness” in this country, but most of them are going to be speared right out of their shoes by karma if they ever get it.

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